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Overseas Visitors Guide

In recent times, VroomVroomVroom has considered the thrills and spills of getting an Australian Visa. So once research into this process began, it became quite clear that it wasn't a task worth envying.


It started like this; going to the Australian Immigration website for a list of requirements and the order of events regarding application. But this is where the simplicity ended.


It was a sea of web- forms, links, guidelines, fine print and contacts. You can see for yourself. No really, dare to crack the Immigration code of confusion.


If you come from one of the approved countries that Australia lists as part of the ETA (whatever this is), you'll do okay. But if you aren't on that list, or if you have some type of circumstance that isn't so cut and dried regarding your visit, don't hold your breath.


Thankfully, it seems there are places you can go that are designed to make this process much easier and faster. Along the way, Fastozvisa popped up, a site that does just that.

Fastozvisa is simple. You put in your details, where you're from, where you want to go and they get back to you. And within 24 hours too, who would have thought? Check out their application form if this sounds like something you want to see for yourself.


You need to give your credit card details, but rest assured their site is safe and secure, all you need is your card and your current passport.


The owner and manager, John Lowe, has a personal approach to the company, answering your questions and comments personally. John was a Migration Officer at the Australian Embassy in Germany, but now focuses his work on New Zealand and Australia. And aren't we glad?


Visit Fastozvisa for fast and reliable help with obtaining your Australian Visa.