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What to Remember Before Returning Your Car Hire at an Airport

Dropping off at the airport

Returning a car from the airport? Below are some helpful tips to guide you through the process of dropping off your vehicle as quick and easy as possible.

  • Fill the rental car with fuel before you drop it off at the airport. Note that some rental car contracts allow you the option of returning the car without a full tank of fuel, but you will be charged extra.

  • Clean the car. Do not leave any rubbish or dirt. If the agency has to do more than a quick vacuum, you will be charged a cleaning fee. Check the car thoroughly, remove all of your belongings and make sure to lock the car before you leave.

  • Express return. There are "express return" boxes for early returns (usually from midnight to 6 am), as most depots are not manned 24hrs a day. There are security drop off return boxes built into the counters similar after hours return process. As soon as the staff arrive at work, close off your contract and send on a receipt.

  • Return the car back at the agreed upon date and time. Don't be late. Remember that the time you collect the car is when your contract begins. After 24 hours, the second daily rate starts. Most suppliers allow a 29-minute grace period. So if the rental car is not back within the grace period, they charge around 1/3 to 1/2 of the daily rate per hour. Also, all insurances, as well as any extras like child seats & GPS , are charged at the full day rate, even if the vehicle is only 30 minutes past check out time. Should you have any queries or require additional information, check out our Rental Information, or contact our highly-motivated customer care experts via email, phone call or live chat.

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A few things to consider

Keep in mind that most of Australia's airports are always busy, so make sure to allow plenty of time to avoid being late. In case you use an off-site rental location, check to confirm if the facility offers transportation to the airport or wherever you need to go after returning the vehicle. In addition, some car hire companies may charge you a premium if you do not return the hire car with the same amount of fuel in it as when you first picked it up.