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Book a Cheap Campervan Hire in Australia for an Epic Road Trip Adventure in Oz

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Nothing spells adventure like R-O-A-D T-R-I-P!

This is what summer in Australia and New Zealand is made for, so we at VroomVroomVroom would like to bring to your attention our world-famous RV rental rates by offering you some amazing deals on campervans. You may even find that it works out cheaper and easier to hire a campervan than to book hotel/motel rooms and hire a car.

Best of all, you can rest assured that we have scoured Australia's best and most reliable rental companies to compare all of their prices for you. This ensures that you will have the best and easiest motorhome rental booking experience possible, which is our number one goal. So search through our comparison list and book a campervan hire today.

If you don't believe us when we say that our site lists the cheapest campervan hire, then try this simple test yourself. Take three minutes and use the big, orange search engine box above to find a motorhome rental in a city near you. Then open a new browser window and check one of your favorite camping or RV site's prices. Run our price comparison for a week's rental and see for yourself if you wouldn't pay up to 25 percent less on your campervan rental, and get the best, newer model, backed up by world-class customer service.

Where to find a cheap campervan hire in Australia

Here is a map of all the locations where you can collect a campervan  hire in Australia, using our top-notch rate comparison search engine. (There are links below for New Zealand, the USA and other countries, too.) So if you need to get to one of the spots below, or you are travelling from one to another, you'll find it a breeze booking with us. 

If you are not sure which location is the closest to where you are, just reach out to our customer care team either via phone call, live chat or email. They can assist you in finding an RV rental or campervan hire that will suit your needs. Do you prefer a smaller vehicle like an SUV or station wagon? Then check out our list of rental cars and find the one that best suit your budget and preference.

There are many Campervan Hire pick up and drop off locations across Australia. Check out the map for the complete list:

Beginners guide on campervan rentals

For those visiting from overseas, what you might know as an "RV" or "motorhome" is most often called a campervan in Australia. 

In their industry, "berth" refers to how many people can sleep onboard comfortably. However, it is important to note how many seat belts come with your camper van so you are prepared to travel.

So when it comes down to it, if you need a campervan to help you explore Australia and the beauty that lies within, we can assist you. Just use that big orange search box above -- it will display any motorhomes that are available from a location that you select. Enter all the details required to complete a search, and our system will do the rest of the work for you, instantly.

Campervan driving tips

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Australia and campervan rentals go hand in hand. Such an expansive country with varying terrain and climates calls for a motorhome. Driving on the open road with your campervan is the only way to travel Australia in style and comfort, while you still see everything you could possibly wish to see. Catching a bus, taking a train, or flying cant offer you the benefits that you get from hiring a motorhome and driving yourself. You will have first hand experience of the entire country and the ability to stop in and enjoy our land of wonders.

Your campervan  could prove to be not only a life-saver but also a penny-saver. This option is particularly helpful if you are planning on spending a long time getting to know our beautiful country, or if you are travelling with the rest of your family. Have you thought of all the money you could be forking out night after night on hotel rooms and transportation? You will find that it is a whole lot cheaper travelling around our country when your hotel is your transportation!

The smelly, musty caravans, decked out with bad 1980's lino and paper-thin mattresses are things of the past! Campervans today are elite. They range in size, design and facilities and can sometimes cost the same amount as a small house if you go all out and buy an exclusive model.

Although the bells and whistles may be impressive, it's not the best idea to buy your own vehicle, if you aren't going to take it out for a spin every other weekend. This is why renting your RV with VroomVroomVroom really pays off. Book with us because right here on this site, you can compare the rates in motorhome rentals across the leading suppliers in Australia. Places like Apollo and Britz offer you a whole pile of options in size, facilities and a small price for your nomad trip.

Both campervan (also known as RV) and motorhome companies will rent you the model of your choice, sleeping up to six people with various extras like microwave, gas stove, grill and refrigerator, even reverse cycle air conditioning! Their vehicles are available based on per-day rates, just like a motel or hotel. 

So give it a go! Renting a campervan is a great option for a small family, for the adventurous types, or for those interested in thoroughly seeing this beautiful country. Booking with us allows you to make up your holiday as you go. If the weather is perfect in one spot, you won't have to rush to get to a hotel booking in another!

If you are looking for campsites and holiday parks in Australia where you and your family or mates can stay, check out our Travel Blog, There are also other interesting topics there about camping and road trips. Before beginning your journey, you may want to read more driving tips in Australia to make sure your trip more smooth and fun. You can also check out this video for useful camping tips.

Campervan hire suppliers

VroomVroomVroom currently have five campervan hire suppliers in Australia. We offer discounted rates on campervans, motorhomes, and RVs from Apollo, Britz, Jucy Rentals, Maui, and Real Value. Learn more about each supplier including their contact details by checking out this page.

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