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Drive a Dependable Campervan Hire in Blue Mountains and Have Fun

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Discover the many natural attractions of the scenic Blue Mountains in your motorhome hire

Blue Mountains is Australia's large piece of paradise that lies not too far from the northwestern part of the city of Sydney. It is a mountainous region that forms part the Greater Blue Mountains Area World Heritage Site and homes the town of Oberdon as well as the cities of Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury and Lithgow. Its highlights include its towering mountain range, historic sites, caves, amazing lookouts, rivers, sandstone plateaus, ancient Aboriginal arts, rainforests, rich flora and fauna and ideal sites for so much exciting and adventurous outdoor activities like abseiling, canoeing, bush walking and rock climbing. The diverse culture of the towns and cities within and near the area is also a plus. Click here should you wish to know or share some travel tips.

Driving around would be extra wonderful when you travel with a reliable and cheap campervan in Blue Mountains. Because the said vehicles allows travellers like you to both travel at your own time whilst enjoying the conveniences a modern home could give. If you need one now, allow us to help you in comparing rental rates and reserving. We don't have hidden charges and our booking system is easy to use. 

Check out the map below for other locations where you can rent a campervan.

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Top Campervan and Motorhome Campsites in Blue Mountains

Black Heath Caravan Park lies along Prince Edward Street, Blackheath. The establishment is not too far from the Govetts Leap where people could get to enjoy bushwalking, see beautiful views of the Grose Valley, picnic and or enjoy the town's natural beauty. Its campsite facilities include barbecue facilities, amenities block, communal refrigerator, iron, laundry, kiosk and swimming pool. The accommodations that it offers are unpowered site, powered site, budget cabins and en suite van. 

Jenolan Caravan Park sits at Cunynghame Street, Oberon, New South Wales 2787, Australia. The establishment is situated at the centre of Oberon of which, is not too far from the renowned Jenolan Caves. Its campsite facilities are barbecue facilities, camp kitchen, car parking spaces, cots, iron, laundry, open fireplace, playground, full size tennis court and outdoor swimming pool. Unpowered sites, powered sites, imperial cabins, lucas cabins and orient cabins are the accommodations that it offers. 

Katoomba Falls Caravan Park is located along Kattomba Falls Road, Katoomba. The park is in proximity with the Katoomba Station and Shopping Centre. The Katoomba Falls and Scenic World are also not too far from the area. Its campsite facilities are barbecue facilities, business services, communal kitchen, communal refrigerator, iron and laundry. The accommodations that it offers are unpowered site, powered site, 1x Small Cabin, 2x Medium Cabin and 3x Large Cabin. 

Lithgow Tourist and Van Park is located at 58 Cooerwull Road, Lithgow. It is a family owned and managed site near the Blue Mountains and surrounded with beautiful trees. Its campsite facilities are barbecue facilities, camp kitchen, car park, iron, kiosk, laundry, sullage, playground and public telephone. The accommodations that it offers are cabins, camping site and powered site. 

Top Attractions in Blue Mountains

Arts Cafe Katoomba Falls could be found at Cliff Drive, Katoomba. The venue is nestled within the heritage Katoomba Falls Kiosk and is operated by Liz and Mark Shelley. The cafe is popular for its bounteous menu, music performances by local artists, art exhibitions and regular artwork displays. It is open everyday from 09:30 - 05:00 p.m.

Blue Mountains Chocolate Company offers chocolate making demonstrations and an outstanding cafe that serves cakes, hot chocolate, fudge, toffee, ice cream, wide variety of handmade chocolates and etcetera. The venue is situated at 176 Lurline Street, Katoomba, Australia of which, is just around 200 metres from the Echo Point. A visit to the said destination offers a heart-warming opportunity to taste the finest chocolates in the world with friends and family.

Blue Mountains National Park could be accessed via the Blue Mountains Heritage Centre, Blackheath. The site sits 60 kilometers west of the city of Sydney. It forms part the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and covers over 247,000 hectares of conserved land. The site is known for its historical sites, rich flora and fauna and astounding natural landscapes. There are a number of Aboriginal cultural sites and swimming holes in the park. Abseiling, bird watching, bushwalking, camping, caving, rock climbing, and cycling are some of the popular activities everyone could do within the park.

Canton Palace is located at 246 Katoomba Street, Katoomba. It is a duly licensed Chinese restaurant nestled at the heart of the town of Katoomba that offers great tasting food with its extensive menu for lunch and dinner. The attraction is open seven days a week. Canton Palace is a great place not only to eat but also to have happy and meaningful conversation either with your newfound friends or love ones.

Eskbank House Museum is located at Bennett Street, Lithgow. It is a historical house that dates back 1842. The house used to be the home of Thomas Brown. Its highlights aside from its impressive Georgian architectural design are its furniture, Lithgow potteries, photographs, gardens and coach house. A visit to the house opens oneself to the opportunity of having a peek as to how life goes during the olden times. Eskbank House is open from 10:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. from Wednesday to Sunday.

Glow Worm Tunnel could be found at Newnes State Forest, Lithgow. The tunnel used to be a part of the railway going to Newnes Kerosene Shale that was dismantled sometime in 1940s. A long walk through the tunnel enables explorers to be able to see the majestic glowworms of the fungus gnat. The site could be access anytime and is also an ideal location for birdwatching and bush walking.

Hartley Historic Site lies within Hartley Village, Hartley, New South Wales, Australia. It is a historic village that grew around the first and only courthouse with churches and accommodation in the area. Its highlights include is being the perfect example of an early 19th century village and around seventeen well preserved buildings.

Hassans Walls Lookout is located within the Hassans Walls Reserve, Lithgow. The site is said to be the Blue Mountains' highest lookout with its more or less 1100 distance above sea level. Picnicking aside from appreciating the beauty of nature is one of the popular activities in the lookout.

Kanagra-Boyd National Park sits on the southwestern part of the Blue Mountains National Park just 100 kilometers from the large city of Sydney. The site is known for its being the venue for the 1954 movie entitled Jedda as well as for its Kanangra Falls, Kanangra Walls, diverse natural landscape and rich flora and fauna. The park covers 265.1 sq. mi. and is currently managed by the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service. Bushwalking, leisure walking, backpack camping and picnicking are just some of the popular activities within the site. 

Katoomba Falls is the town of Katoomba's prime attraction. The falls is located on the southern part of the town not too far from the western part of the Wentworth Falls town. Although it is known that the Katoomba Falls has short season its redeeming glory is that it was dubbed by most of its visitors as the picturesque falls within the city of Blue Mountains for it is certainly beautiful. We highly advice guests however, to get to see the falls after heavy rain as more water could be seen coming out from it making it look grander even from a far.

Lake Lyell could be reached via Magpie Hollow Road, South Bowenfeis, Lithgow. The lake offers cooling water to Mount Piper Power Stations and Wallerawang. It also serves as a fabulous recreation area being an ideal site for barbecuing, camping, fishing, leisure walking, picnicking, power boating, skiing and swimming. The site is open everyday except on Christmas Day.

The Hattery lies within the Katoomba Shopping Village, Katoomba. The store was hailed as the country's prime hat shop with expertise in Akubra Hat. Amongst the many hat styles that one could get to see at The Hattery are top hats, fedora hats, bowlers, homburgs and trilbys. Bags, gloves and scarves are also being sold within the store.

Weirder the Better is known for offering wide range of Circus related items. The store in fact even has a number of licensed Cirque du Soleil products. The circus store is open from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. every Sundays. Its address is Shop 11 1-13 Katoomba Street, Katoomba.

Zig Zag Railway could be found at Bells Line of Road, Clarence. The railway dates way back 1869 and is Lithgow Valley's original rail line. Today, the railway and its vintage diesel locomotives serve as a popular tourist destination with its impressive zigzag sloping ramps, two tunnels, sandstone viaducts and breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains. The attraction's steam trains operate everyday except during Christmas. 

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