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Compare rates to find and drive a reliable truck hire or ute rental

Truck and ute hire coming soon!

Truck and ute hire coming soon!

Coming later this year to VroomVroomVroom is a whole new way to search for buses, trucks, utes and more. Just as you’ve always been able to use VroomVroomVroom to search for — and book — cars and small vans, later in 2023 we’ll be adding the ability to search for and book buses, trucks, utes and vans just as you would a regular car. Sign up for our newsletter to be among the first to find out when this new feature launches.

VroomVroomVroom can help you find and book a reliable truck or ute rental online to cater to your needs. Whether you’re moving house or want to hit that garage sale, we can assist you in finding the perfect vehicle to transport everything you need.

Typically, truck and ute rental comparisons are difficult to find online. The rental companies often require reservations to be made over the phone as available rentals may not always be up to date on the internet. This means you are going to have to make some phone calls, which means the whole process is going to take more time, and this can be frustrating at times.

VroomVroomVroom provides the easiest way to compare truck and ute rentals

This is where VroomVroomVroom comes in. We treat trucks and utes as just another vehicle type, so you can book a truck or ute just as easily as you would a car. All you need do is use our booking form on the destination you want , enter your desired dates, and on the results page click on the “Car type” filter box and select “Commercial Van/Truck” from the options in the dropdown — don’t worry, if a van or truck is not available, this option will not be displayed. If a truck for hire or a rental van is available, then just select it, and the results will automatically update showing any available trucks and vans. If you’re after a ute, they’re displayed with regular cars, so you don’t need to do anything.

Truck, ute and van rentals are generally available from Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Darwin, and Brisbane, along with hundreds of other locations across Australia. You can also book a truck, van or ute to move house for many locations across New Zealand.

If you have no luck finding a rental truck or van, try a larger centre or different dates. If you have no luck, please contact our customer care team and they’ll be happy to assist.

Did you know?

Back in the day, the Australian “ute” used to be a two-door vehicle that is based on the chassis of the passenger car. Today, the term is used for a truck or a pickup rather than the body style of the vehicle.

The first automotive company that manufactured an Australian ute was Ford. The reason why they created that vehicle was to do with pigs. That’s right, a farmer’s wife from Victoria wrote a letter asking for a vehicle that could carry their pigs to the market and at the same time take them to church.

Ute has become a part of Australian culture, especially in rural areas. They even hold events such as ute muster, where ute owners gather to show off their truck.

In addition, there’s a racing series for utilities and it’s called V8 Ute Racing Series, where you can find slightly modified utes racing like the Australian Production Car Championship (CAMS).