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Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Car at the Airport

Airport rentals

Are you entertaining the idea of renting a car at the airport, but are a little unsure as to how exactly to go about it? If you are one of the few who don't want to waste time queuing for a cab, or lining up in front of the desk of several rental car centers, we at VroomVroomVroom can provide you with some helpful pointers on airport car rental. Below are some easy-to-follow checklists that will make your car hire booking experience at an airport a breeze.

What do I need to know before booking at an airport?

Booking early is a good practice to follow, especially if you are renting a car during a peak travel time. Note that the earlier you book, the cheaper the rates are and broader option of vehicles are available. Most people book three months ahead of time to avail and enjoy massive discounts when renting a car. Rental cars reach their peak rates and easily get sold out during Christmas, Easter and other regular holidays.

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Why does the car rental company ask for my flight information?

It is important to add and give your airline and flight information every time you make a booking because rental agencies become aware of and up to date with your flight's arrival time so your booked vehicle is ready for you to collect. This will also allow them to know and monitor any delays which may transpire on your booking.

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What if my flight is delayed?

The first and most important thing you should do is to stay calm and not panic. Providing your supplier with your complete flight information will permit them to see if your flight has been delayed. During a flight delay, make sure to notify and call your rental company at the earliest time possible so you can discuss your options with them.

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Airport surcharge

Many airports around Australia charge what is known as an "Airport or Premium Location Fee". This fee is passed on to the consumer by the suppliers as they, in turn, are charged for having on airport facilities. Note that these fees are included in the Total Cost and that airport Recovery Fees vary between locations and companies. This surcharge is not restricted to airports, there are other depots outside airports that charge a premium location surcharge.

How to collect your rental car at the airport

Picking up a rental car from the airport is the most convenient way to start your journey. Upon arrival at the airport, proceed to the location where you have reserved your rental car. Most car hire counters are often located within the terminal. To collect your rental car with ease, prepare your booking details, mode of payment (credit/debit card), valid drivers licence/international drivers licence and flight details beforehand.

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What is the difference between off airport and airport pick up?

On-airport pick up is where you collect the rental car from the airport. Generally, this will involve you queuing up at the car hire desk often found within the terminal. Off-airport pick up is where your vehicle is situated away from the airport terminal, typically a few minutes drive away from the airport.

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Things to check before returning the rental car at an airport

Filling the rental car with fuel, making sure the vehicle is clean and returning the car back at the agreed upon date and time are just some of the important things you should look before you return your car hire at the airport.

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I arrive late at the airport, will someone be there to assist me?

The rental desk staff will be able to assist you. If you notify your supplier with your flight details in your airport reservation and let them know that you are running late, they may be able to wait for you and assist you accordingly but only during their normal business hours. Note that rental companies are able to track any delays as it determines how long they need to wait.


Avoid Late Return Fee

Make sure you read and understand the fine print on your rental agreement. Check and pay attention to the hours of operation on where you are planning to pick up and drop off your rented car, along with the specific times you have arranged your rental for. Keep in mind that returning your vehicle later than the agreed-upon time may cost you a late return fee.