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What to do if your flight is delayed

Sometimes the best laid holiday plans don’t quite work out, and if your flight is running late, there’s some simple steps to keep in mind.

If you supplied your flight number when you booked your airport hire car, your rental provider will be able to see that your flight has been delayed and will stay up to date with your expected arrival time. Generally, rental providers are more than happy to hold your booking in these instances, although once you know your flight has been delayed, it’s best to get in touch to discuss your options and arrange a new pickup time.

In the event your flight is cancelled but not rescheduled, or is being re-routed to another airport, you will need to notify your rental provider as soon as possible to discuss arrangements.

Important Information

Delayed flight

We recommend including your airline and flight information when placing a rental car booking — and some providers may require it as a part of their booking process. Providing your car rental provider with your complete flight information will mean they can check with the airline for any delays to your flight, ultimately resulting in a smoother airport pickup experience for you.