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On- and off-airport car rental

Here at VroomVroomVroom, we recommend considering all your options before placing a booking.

Did you know that the price of your rental car can change depending on whether you rent directly from an airport or not? Generally speaking, airport rental rates tend to be higher due to additional location fees that aren’t required by suburban depots.

But what else should you consider when deciding between an on-airport rental car and an off-airport rental car? Well, let’s break it down.

On-airport perks

  • Convenience

    Out of the plane and into the car. Collecting a car from the airport means you won’t have to wait around for transportation to an off-airport depot. Note though that if you book from an on-site rental provider such as East Coast Car Rentals whose depot is off-airport, they’ll generally offer a complimentary shuttle to take you to your vehicle.

  • Variety

    More vehicles to choose from. Generally speaking, airport fleets tend to be larger and more diverse, allowing for a greater range of vehicle types to choose from.

  • Availability

    Easier to find a ride. Because airport fleets tend to be larger, you’re more likely to find a car on-airport if booking last minute or during peak travel seasons, but bear in mind that in peak season even the best-stocked provider can run out of cars.

Off-airport perks

  • Value

    Get the best bang for your buck. Because off-airport depots don’t have to pay the same location fees as on-airport car rental providers, the total cost of a rental car will usually be lower at an off-airport location. If you do book a car from an off-airport location, you will need to get to the depot in order to collect your vehicle — most off-airport providers who have a desk at the airport will provide transport for this.

  • Location

    Enjoy the freedom of choice. For those looking to go on an epic road trip, or even for locals looking for a rental, an off-airport depot is a great option as there are many locations to choose from.

Important Information

Things to consider

Avoid airport rentals if you don’t want to pay premium location fees. However, you should also keep in mind that most off-airport providers may not have the same depot hours to accommodate early or late arrivals.