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Premium Location Surcharge

Premium location surcharge

You may have noticed on your car rental invoice or cost breakdown a Premium Location Surcharge or Location Fee. The car rental providers add this surcharge to alleviate the costs they encounter for having a depot at an airport or CBD location.

The surcharge or fee is calculated using a percentage, and any extras added to the Rental Agreement will also incur the surcharge. For example: if you require a baby seat, the percentage will be added to the cost of the baby seat as well.


Is there a way to avoid the Location Surcharge?

The only way to avoid the Location Fees is by choosing to collect and return a rental car from a depot that does not have this as a surcharge. These depots are more than likely the ones that are found in suburbs rather than those in CBDs or Airports. Please note that even if you choose to only return to a Premium Location, the fee may still be added. You might also avoid paying a surcharge if you choose to hire from a car rental provider that is off-airport. Off-airport providers usually will have a shuttle service, however, their depot hours may not accommodate early or late flights.