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What are the rules for additional drivers?

When you hire a rental car, you can arrange for additional drivers to drive the car, but there are some rules to be aware of.

Hoping to share the driving on your next road trip? It’s possible to add additional drivers to your rental car booking, but there are a few things to keep in mind when doing so.

What are the requirements for adding additional drivers

An additional driver is subject to the same requirements as the primary driver.

  • Driver Licence: Drivers will need to have held a full, unrestricted licence for more than 12 months to rent a car in Australia through VroomVroomVroom. Provisional licences and learner permits are not accepted.

  • Additional Driver Fee: In most cases, there will be an extra charge for every additional driver that is added to the rental agreement.

  • Age Surcharge: Drivers aged between 21 and 25 years old will generally have to pay an extra fee. Your rental provider’s terms and conditions will specify this surcharge.

How to add additional drivers

Additional drivers will need to be recorded when you collect the rental car — not in the booking process. They will need to attend the rental collection counter with you, present their driver licence, and sign the applicable paperwork to be added to the rental agreement. The fees for this will be included in your rental agreement and added to the cost of your rental car. Alternatively, additional drivers can be added before or after the collection date by visiting one of the rental provider’s depots.

Regardless of which approach you choose, the additional driver will need to visit the rental provider in person to fulfil the requirements of being added to the rental agreement. Unless this process is followed, the additional driver will not be authorised to drive the rental car.

Can I add my partner as a driver to my rental car?

Yes, your spouse or partner will be permitted to drive the rental car so long as they are present at the rental counter with a valid licence at the time of collection. Some rental providers may waive the additional driver fee for the spouse of the primary driver, however, they may have certain requirements or validation processes regarding this.

Aside from the primary driver’s spouse, the primary driver’s employer, employees, and colleagues may also be permitted to drive the rental car without the need to pay the additional driver fee (depending on the rental provider, location, and vehicle type).

How many drivers can I add to my rental car?

You can add as many drivers as there are seats in the rental car, but keep in mind that any applicable additional driver fees may apply per driver, so more drivers may mean a higher overall rental cost. For example, if your car has five seats, you may add up to four additional drivers. Drivers under 25 years old may also have to pay an age surcharge on top of the additional driver fee.

How much does it cost to add additional drivers?

Generally, there is a fee per additional driver, but these fees will vary depending on your rental provider and location. Prior to booking, you can always reach out to your prospective rental provider to confirm the fee, or check their Terms and Conditions.

Which rental providers don’t charge for additional drivers?

East Coast Car Rentals is a great option for those looking to add additional drivers to the rental agreement. East Coast allows up to four additional drivers at no charge, so long as they attend the rental counter with the primary driver at the time of collection and meet the age requirements.

Enterprise is another good option if you’re only wishing to add one other driver to the rental agreement. Enterprise allows one additional driver to be added to the rental agreement without a fee, and only charge a fee for each additional driver after the first.

Important Information

All drivers need their licence

Additional drivers are required to show a valid driver licence in person — and meet the rental provider’s criteria — to be added to the rental agreement as an authorised driver.