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Photo of airport departure board.

Why you need to provide your flight number

To ensure your car is ready for you to collect when you arrive at the airport, it’s helpful for your rental provider to have your flight number on hand. You can provide this when you make your rental car booking with VroomVroomVroom, and we’ll pass on your flight details — as a part of your booking — to the rental provider, making it easy for everyone.

But why should you provide your flight details when booking a hire car? Good question! Supplying your flight number means your rental car provider will be advised if your flight is delayed, and can prepare accordingly. If your flight is delayed and they don’t have your flight details, it’s best to call your car rental provider as soon as possible to see if they can make arrangements for your booking.

While supplying your flight details as a part of your rental car booking is often optional, we do recommend supplying them for the above reason. In some cases rental providers require flight details as a part of their hire car booking process, and in such cases you’ll need to have your flight details on hand when making your booking.

It’s all about making your experience as smooth as possible. The more information the rental provider has, the faster your whole airport pickup process should be. So next time you plan on renting a car from the airport, now you know why it is a good idea to provide your flight number.

For more information on renting a car at an Australian airport, check out our airport rentals page.