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Picking Up a Rental Car From the Airport

PIcking up at the airport

So, you’ve booked a rental car for collection at the airport, and now you’re wondering what’s involved with the pick-up process? Here are the main steps.

  1. Head to the rental counter. These are typically quite easy to find, with most larger airports locating them by or after the baggage claim area, while smaller airports often have them at the arrivals area. If arriving by plane, be sure to include your flight number on your booking so that your rental provider is able to have a staff member on site to help you at your expected arrival time. Once at the counter, you’ll need to have your booking details, credit card, and a valid driver licence (or International Driving Permit) for each registered driver, ready to go.

  2. Sign and pay. We recommend taking the time to properly read your rental agreement prior to signing it — just so you’re well aware of the terms you’re agreeing to. Rental car providers tend to prefer credit card payments, but debit cards may be accepted. If you don’t have a credit card you can use, it is best to check with the rental provider ahead of time as to what your options are. A hold will also be placed on your card for a pre-specified security bond amount.

  3. Assess the vehicle. Take the time to check both the exterior and interior of the car, as well as the engine. Feel free to take photos or videos of any dents, scratches, or markings you find—or any damage in general—for proof that the car was already damaged prior to you driving it. If the vehicle has significant damage, make sure you inform the on-site staff immediately.

  4. Drive away. With your agreement signed and the keys in your hand, you are now ready to set off on your journey.

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For example:

David wants to pick up his rental car from Brisbane Airport

David’s flight arrives at Brisbane Airport, where he has a reservation for a rental car. He proceeds to the baggage claim area of the terminal and finds the car rental service desks. Upon discovering that there are no staff at the desks, he follows the signs to the car park office. He is able to find assistance there and successfully picks up his rental car.