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How to Rent a Specific Car

Specific car models

VroomVroomVroom makes it easy for you to find a specific car hire for your next trip. Our advanced filter toolbar allows you to filter the list in preference of car type, number of seats and doors, name of supplier or transmission. You can also sort the list by supplier name, vehicle model, and cheapest price. There is also an option to choose the currency. See below on how easy it is to use our filter toolbar.

vroomvroomvroom filter

Although we cannot guarantee specific car models, you can choose which type of car you would prefer to ensure that you will get a similar vehicle. For example, if you want an SUV or a luxury car, then you need to choose a vehicle in one of these groups. To increase your chance of renting a specific car, it is highly recommended to book in advance and choose popular locations like major airports and cities.

Can I choose the colour of my rental car?

If you have a colour preference for your rental car, please get in touch with our customer care team so we can add this request into your booking. However, we cannot guarantee a specific colour since it will all depend on our supplier's fleet and availability.


When renting a specific car . . .

Use our filter toolbar to get a list of rental cars based on your preference. Remember that there is no guarantee on car model and colour, but you will receive a similar vehicle if it is not available.