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Reasons to rent an SUV in Australia

SUV rental

Find the perfect car rental that will suit your upcoming adventure. Whether you are road tripping around all of Australia or looking for that extra bit of comfort in urban settings, an SUV is an ideal option. Take a look below why you should rent an SUV and see if this car class is the one for you.

1. Great for long road trips

If you are planning to go on a long road trip along the Great Ocean Road, or maybe through the Red Centre, an SUV will make your trip that little bit more magical. Rent a medium or large SUV to fit all of your luggage, family and friends in, without feeling crowded. Sit back, relax and avoid stress when you are travelling long distances. Aside from the amount of space, there are many safety features that SUV’s have. Depending on the car brand, features such as a rearview camera (sometimes front view as well), safety alerts and a strong build and frame will come with the car. Distances in Australia can be long and an SUV makes driving them a more comfortable experience.

2. Perfect for urban driving

Will you be zipping around the city or going on day trips in your rental? Rent a small or compact SUV for the perks of an SUV but in a smaller size. This is ideal for shorter trips when your car doesn’t need to be full of luggage and bits and pieces constantly. Many SUVs have built-in map features to get you from A to B on time every time, so you can navigate Aussie cities and suburbs easily.

3. Large capacity for luggage

Large SUVs can hold plenty of luggage. Alternatively, some even have three extra seats that can be lifted up to accommodate more passengers. It’s a win-win for those with lots of things to lug around. If you have travelled from overseas to Australia, you’ve probably got quite a bit of luggage, so there’s no need to stress about it all fitting into the car when you rent this type of vehicle.

4. Ideal for camping

Fit tents, supplies, food and all those camping essentials in the boot and enjoy a smooth ride to remote areas in an SUV. With a powerful engine, a SUV is going to get you where you need to go with ease and safety. Camping in Australia is super popular, and the country is littered with stunning campsites. This sort of car is going to help make that beach camping escape or that rural adventure possible.

5. Plenty of safety features

Chances are, you’ll be travelling in your rental car quite a lot — that is why you are renting it! Although every car available to rent is filled with safety features to keep you safe and sound, some SUVs have an extra added bit of safety. They are known as the safest vehicle type due to their size and build. Aside from this, some SUVs have Electronic Stability Control which decreases the car rolling in the event of an accident.

6. Suited for families

Have baby seats that need to fit in the car? What about teenagers that need more leg room? This option is great for families. Equiped with a great sound system, comfy seats and enough space to reduce irritability, you’ll thank yourself later for renting an SUV instead of a smaller compact car for the family. Some days you might be travelling long distances in Australia which means ensuring your family feels comfortable is essential.

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