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Can I use a rental car for my driving test?

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No, this is not possible, as major rental companies only authorise fully licensed drivers aged 21 years or over to drive their vehicles. Usually, this option won’t work if you are under 21, and you hold only a learner’s permit or provisional licence.

Alternative options

VroomVroomVroom has two options if you are unable to rent a car for your driving test. You can borrow a car from someone else or you can look for driving schools.

When borrowing a vehicle from your friend, family member or someone else, make sure to review the below checklist before you go on your road test.

  • The vehicle must be registered
  • The vehicle must have insurance
  • The vehicle must have licence plates
  • The vehicle must meet safety requirements

In case you can’t borrow a car from anyone, you may call the nearest driving schools in your area and ask if one of their vehicles are available to be hired for your driving test.


Where to find a car for your driving test

If you are unable to source a car for your driving test, you may want to check with driving academies that rent out cars in your area.