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Sipp Codes Explained

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How do Sipp codes affect renting a car you may ask? It won't affect the rate of the car or give you a cheaper rental, however it may help you determine which car you may wish to choose.

Standard Interline Passenger Procedure (SIPP) code is four letters long and is an abbreviation for the features that the car hire may have. For example if you need a compact, 2 door car that is automatic with air conditioning, the Sipp Code may be CBAC. 

Why use SIPP codes?

Thousands of different vehicles are being distributed in the world and for that reason alone, there needs to be a system of arranging and classifying them. Thanks to SIPP codes which make it a piece of cake to compare rental cars by organising similar vehicles together.

The code, which consists of four letters, details different things, including  the type of vehicle, the number of doors, the transmission or whether it has air conditioning or not, as shown in the table below.

First letter
(Size of the vehicle)

Second letter
(Number of doors)
Third letter
(Transmission & drive)
Fourth letter
(Fuel & A/C)
 M = Mini  B = 2/3 door   M = Manual drive  N = Unspecified fuel, no A/C  
 N =Mini Elite  C = 2/4 door  N = Manual, 4 WD  R = Unspecified fuel, A/C
 E = Economy  D = 4/5 door  C = Manual, AWD  D = Diesel, A/C
 H = Economy Elite  W = Wagon / Estate  A =Auto drive  Q = Diesel, no A/C
 C = Compact  V = Passenger Van  B = Auto, 4WD  H = Hybrid, A/C
 D = Compact Elite  L = Limousine  D = Auto, AWD  I = Hybrid, no A/C
 I = Intermediate  S = Sport  E = Electric, A/C
 J = Intermediate Elite  T = Convertable  C = Electric, no A/C
 S = Standard  F = SUV  L = LPG/Gas, A/C
 R = Standard Elite  J = Open Air All Terrain  S = LPG/Gas, no A/C
 F = Fullsize  X = Special  A = Hydrogen, A/C
 G = Fullsize Elite  P = Pickup Regular Cab  B = Hydrogen, no A/C
 P = Premium  Q = Pickup Extended Cab  M = Multi fuel, A/C
 U = Premium Elite  Z = Special Offer Car  F = Multi fuel, no A/C
 L = Luxury  E = Coupe  V = Petrol, A/C
 W = Luxury Elite  M = Monospace  Z = Petrol, no A/C
 O = Oversize  R = Recreational  U = Ethanol, A/C
 x = Special  H = Motorhome  X = Ethanol, no A/c

 Y = 2 Wheel Drive
 N = Roadster
 G = Crossover
 K = Commercial Van / Truck

At VroomVroomVroom we choose to just spell out the features of a vehicle for you on the booking page. Here's a brief list of more popular Sipp Codes:

CBMR - Compact Car, 2/3 Doors, Manual Drive, Air Con

IDAR - Intermediate Car, 4/5 Doors, Automatic, Air Con

FVAV - Full Size, Passenger Van, Automatic, Petrol and Air Con

FVAD - Full Size, Passenger Van, Automatic, Diesel and Air Con

FDAD - Full Size, 4/5 Doors, Automatic and Air Con

Once again the Sipp code is not a discount code and is not needed when comparing rental cars. You can definitely compare available hire cars using our system, and choose to view the list by Price, Size or if it is automatic or manual. You can always contact us if you are not sure about the features of a car.

Read our Rental Car Vehicle Types Explained page if you want to learn more about the different types of rental cars.

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