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SIPP codes for rental cars

SIPP codes

Standard Interline Passenger Procedure (SIPP) codes are four-letter abbreviations that identify the major features of a rental car. For example, a compact, two-door car with air-conditioning would have a SIPP code of CBMR or CBAR depending on whether it’s a manual or automatic vehicle.

Why do car rental companies use SIPP codes?

With so many different vehicles available for renting, there needs to be a system of arranging and classifying them. Thanks to SIPP codes, filtering hire cars according to their traits and features is easy.

The code will generally highlight such things as the vehicle type, the number of doors, the transmission, the fuel type, and whether the car has air-conditioning.

First Letter
Size of vehicle
C - Compact
D - Compact Elite
E - Economy
F - Fullsize
G - Fullsize Elite
H - Economy Elite
I - Intermediate
J - Intermediate Elite
L - Luxury
M - Mini
N - Mini Elite
O - Oversize
P - Premium
R - Standard Elite
S - Standard
U - Premium Elite
W - Luxury Elite
X - Special
Second Letter
Number of doors
B - 2/3 Door
C - 2/4 Door
D - 4/5 Door
E - Coupe
G - Crossover
H - Motorhome
J - Open-Air All Terrain
K - Commercial Van / Truck
L - Limousine / Sedan
M - Monospace
N - Roadster
P - Pickup (single/extended cab) 2 door
Q - Pickup (double cab) 4 door
R - Recreational Vehicle
S - Sport
T - Convertible
V - Passenger Van
W - Wagon / Estate
X - Special
Y - Two-Wheel Drive
Z - Special Offer Car
Third Letter
Transmission and drive
A - Auto Unspecified Drive
B - Auto Four-Wheel Drive
C - Manual All-Wheel Drive
D - Auto All-Wheel Drive
M - Manual Unspecified Drive
N - Manual Four-Wheel Drive
Fourth Letter
Fuel and A/C
N - Unspecified Fuel/Power, No A/C
R - Unspecified Fuel/Power, A/C
V - Petrol, A/C
Z - Petrol, No A/C
D - Diesel, A/C
Q - Diesel, No A/C
E - Electric (Distance < 250mi/400km), A/C
C - ElectricPlus (Distance ≥ 250mi/400km), A/C
H - Hybrid, A/C
I - Hybrid Plug-in, A/C
L - LPG/Compressed Gas, A/C
S - LPG/Compressed Gas, No A/C
M - Multi Fuel/Power, A/C
F - Multi Fuel/Power, No A/C
A - Hydrogen, A/C
B - Hydrogen, No A/C
U - Ethanol, A/C
X - Ethanol, No A/C

Do I need to know how to read SIPP codes when renting a car?

At VroomVroomVroom, we outline the features of a vehicle on the booking page so that you don’t have to worry about deciphering SIPP codes. But in case you’re interested in familiarising yourself with them, here's a brief list of some of the more popular SIPP codes:

CBMR - Compact two-door car with manual transmission and air-conditioning.

IDAR - Intermediate four-door car with automatic transmission and air-conditioning.

FVAV - Full-size passenger van with automatic transmission and air-conditioning, fuelled by petrol.

FVAD - Full-size passenger van with automatic transmission and air-conditioning, fuelled by diesel.

FDAD - Full-size four-door with automatic transmission and air-conditioning, fuelled by diesel.

To clarify, the SIPP code is not a discount code and is not something you need to enter or remember; rather, it’s more like a digital label attached to the vehicle to categorise it for comparison purposes. If you have any questions about SIPP codes or the features of rental cars, feel free to contact us.

For more information on the types of rental cars available, check out our rental car vehicle types page.