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What you need to know before booking a hire car

Booking a hire car through VroomVroomVroom is as easy as it could be, but there are some simple steps you need to keep in mind.

When booking a hire car in Australia there are two primary points you need to consider before you go any further in your holiday planning. You need to decide if you qualify to rent a car — and then what type of hire car will be perfect for you. These might sound like simple things, but there are plenty of options — and rules — to consider.

What you need to rent a car in Australia

What are the licence requirements for renting a hire car?

Licence requirements may vary depending on the rental provider you select, but generally providers in Australia accept driver licences that are printed in English, are a full licence, and have been held for at least 12 months.

Will you need an International Driving Permit?

If you have a licence that is not in English, you’ll need an International Driving Permit, and you will need to present it along with your licence from your country of residence. The permit serves as a translation only, and is not valid unless it is presented alongside your original licence.

What is the minimum age to rent a hire car in Australia?

When renting a car in Australia there are age restrictions related to the age of anyone who will be driving the hire car. While each rental provider may have slightly different rules around age restrictions, as a general rule the driver needs to be at least 21 years of age, with those under 25 perhaps being subject to additional fees and restrictions. Frivers over the 75 may require a medical certificate stating they are fit to drive.

Before you book your hire car

What types of hire cars are available in Australia?

There is a broad range of vehicle types available for rental in Australia, and these are classified into eight different groups. The groups range from compact and economy cars through to full size and luxury vehicles. Having an understanding of what types of hire cars are available is the first step in deciding on the right type of hire car for you.

What is the best type of car to rent for a road trip in Australia?

It is important that you consider where you will be travelling in Australia before you make a decision about which type of car to rent. You should also look at mileage limitations, transmission, storage space and other important criteria before you make your booking. Here are some recommendations for the best type of vehicles to rent in Australia:

  • Small cars such as Kia Rio or Suzuki Swift would be best for cities such as Sydney or Melbourne.

  • Fuel efficient cars like the Audi A4 or Hyundai Elantra are best for travel in the Northern Territory.

  • Larger vehicles including the Toyota RAV 4 are preferable for rural areas.

Can you choose a specific model of hire car?

It is important to note that you may not receive the vehicle that is pictured in the comparison list. Our suppliers do not guarantee specific vehicle models. When you choose a vehicle, you will receive a car that is categorised in the same group as the one that is listed. If you need a specific type of car — for example, a SUV, luxury car, or one with wheelchair access, you can search by vehicle type, and while you may not receive the exact model of car in the photo, it will be of the correct vehicle type.

Can a hire car be used for a driving test?

The short answer is no. However there are other options to consider if you don’t have your own car but need to do a driving test.

What are SIPP codes?

Standard Interline Passenger Procedure (SIPP) codes are four-letter abbreviations that identify the major features of a rental car, and while you may not need to use them when selected a car, they can be helpful if you have specific needs.