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How to choose the right campervan for you

Once you know you want to hire a campervan, the next thing you need to consider is what sort of campervan you need to rent. Read on to find out some points to keep in mind.

From the wide-open highways stretching across Australia’s vast Outback, to the magnificent coast from Sydney to Cairns, or the laid-back south-west corner of Western Australia, Australia is perfect for a campervan holiday. Picking the right route for you though is only half the equation, and picking the right campervan is just as important. With this is mind, VroomVroomVroom has compiled a comprehensive guide on some factors you need to consider before you make your booking a campervan.

What’s the difference between a campervan and a motorhome?

A campervan, sometimes referred to as a camper or caravanette, is a vehicle that is smaller in size when compared to a motorhome. A motorhome doubles as your accommodation, where as a campervan provides a more flexible way to travel. The campervan gives you more independence when you travel as you can pack exactly what you need for the trip.

The two main types of campervans are low-top and high-top campervans. A high-top is more upscale providing extra space, while a low-top model is more budget-friendly with a lower roof.

One special feature that distinguishes a motorhome from a campervan is that a motorhome has a fully functional toilet and shower. Generally speaking, motorhomes are more expensive to drive, and can be difficult to park. If you don’t need that much space for your trip, it is a great alternative to hire a campervan.

Consider the number of people travelling

VroomVroomVroom can help you compare campervan rentals from different suppliers in depots across the country. Before you choose your vehicle, you will need to first consider how many people will be travelling. Sizes of campervan do vary, so this is an important factor.

Campervans will fit a maximum of six people, so if you are travelling in a bigger party, you will need to consider hiring a second vehicle. A campervan is perfect for two people, providing ample space and extra comfort. On the VroomVroomVroom website campervans are categorized in berths (the number of people the campervan can sleep).

Know the different motorhome categories

There are different types of motorhomes in Australia. These include:

  • ’A’ Class: This comes with a full custom motorhome body mounted on a chassis supplied by a truck manufacturer

  • ’C’ Class: This type usually has a bed or storage area over the cab

  • Campervan: Known as a smaller motorhome with either a low top and or high top roof

  • Slide-on: This motorhome comes with wind-up or hydraulically operated legs, set up on a ute, truck, or flat-tray

  • Bus/Coach/Coaster: Passenger bus, coach or Coaster-type converted to a home-on-wheels

  • 5th Wheeler: A fifth wheel is larger and heavier motorhome, and must be pulled with a pickup truck with a special hitch.

Decide if your campervan will need bathroom facilities

Take note that most campervans do not offer a toilet or shower, but some high-top campervans are equipped with a toilet and shower. If you are planning on camping this could be a helpful addition. If you prefer staying at holiday parks it may not be a necessity.

What features do you need?

Decide where you are travelling to and map out potential routes so you can check the conditions of the road. If you are new to driving a campervan you may want to stay away from, smaller, trickier roads and keep to the main highways.

What is the best type of vehicle to rent in Australia?

You will need to consider all of the above factors before you make your decision and choose your campervan. We partner with providers such as Apollo, Britz, Jucy Rentals, Maui and Real Value to provide you with a choice of vehicles across the country.

  • Try a Station wagon if you are looking for a vehicle that is easy to drive, with additional storage space. This vehicle is ideal for two travellers (up to five), and is better with fuel consumption than larger vehicles. It is much easier to park, but it does not feature the same amenities you would find in a larger vehicle. If you’re looking to bring costs down, and would like a simple driving experience, this is the ideal vehicle.

  • A campervan is also great for small groups. The vehicles are easier to drive, and feature kitchen facilities. Campervans have plenty of storage space, however they do not include bathroom facilities.

  • A motorhome is a larger vehicle that is ideal for longer trips with family or groups of friends. Motorhomes have increased storage space, as well as kitchen facilities. They are generally harder to drive and park, particularly if you are not used to RV’s. Motorhomes are more expensive, use a larger amount of fuel, and generally incur higher toll costs. However, with bathroom and bedding facilities, you will be self-reliant on your journey across Australia.

Important Information

What type of campervan should I choose?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself when you are deciding what type of campervan to rent. Campervan’s can usually sleep more people, and amenities can be different between vehicles. Take note that if you are heading into the outback or any remote areas, remember to pack plenty of supplies in case you have any trouble with your rental vehicle.