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A dog stole my car!

What to do if your hire car is stolen

In the unfortunate event where your hire car is stolen, there are a number of steps you need to take. Read on to find out what to do.

Car theft can happen to anyone, but knowing what to do if your rental car is stolen will help your provider in recovering the vehicle. Here are the steps you should follow in the event your rental car is stolen.

What to do if your hire car is stolen

  • Call your rental provider

    Upon discovering that your rental car has been stolen, you will need to inform your rental provider straight away. Ask for the car’s registration number and vehicle identification number (VIN) as you’ll need these for the police report. This is also the best time to check what level of insurance cover you have and what excesses you’re likely to be liable for.

  • Notify the police

    Do your best to provide information as accurately as possible, including details such as the time and location of the theft, and be sure to let them know if any of your personal belongings were in the vehicle. Mention that it’s a rental car, then ask to file a stolen car report.

  • Request a replacement car

    Your rental provider may allow you to rent another car, however, this will depend on a number of factors, including their policy, fleet availability, and your location. If your provider does allow you to rent another car, they may deliver the car to your location, but some providers will require you to visit the rental location before granting your request.

Will I be charged for the full cost of my rental car if it is stolen?

Your financial liability will depend on your rental provider and your rental location. In Australia, the driver is liable to pay the excess amount specified in the rental agreement, as this outlines the maximum amount of financial liability you will face. If you purchased excess reduction, this may reduce your exposure. Learn more about your hire car insurance here.

Will rental car insurance cover the theft?

Most insurance companies will not cover you for the theft of a rental vehicle if the theft was the result of your negligence. Furthermore, insurance companies will not cover you if you break your rental agreement conditions. If your insurance company does cover theft of a rental car, they will generally ask you to provide a copy of the completed police report.

Important Information

Loss Damage Waiver

The Loss Damage Waiver limits the renter’s financial liability for loss and damage to the vehicle. The cost of the Loss Damage Waiver may differ between vehicle types and rental providers. In addition, Loss Damage Waivers may not be available from all rental locations in Australia. Contact our customer care team to find out more about Loss Damage Waivers.