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What Are The Additional Charges When Renting a Car?

Additional Charges
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When you pick up and return a rental vehicle, there may be some additional charges you will be required to pay. VroomVroomVroom has put together a list of some of the potential things you can be charged for by the car rental company.

  • Fuel: You can choose to pre-purchase fuel at the start of your rental, so that you are not required to return the car with a full tank. If you have not selected this option, you can be charged per litre if you return the car without a full tank.
  • Optional Extras: If you require a GPS or a child seat, you will be charged by the car rental company at the depot. VroomVroomVroom does not take payment for these charges.
  • Additional Driver: If you want to authorize an additional driver to drive the rental vehicle, you may have to pay an additional daily surcharge. In some cases, the additional driver is included in the rate. You will need to consult the terms and conditions of your rental.
  • Young Driver Surcharge: Drivers aged 21-24 will need to pay a Young Driver Surcharge in Australia.
  • One Way Fee: If you are dropping your rental car in a different location to the one you collected it, you will be charged a one way fee. This amount depends on which location you will be dropping the vehicle.
  • Excess Reduction Products: Some customers choose to pre-purchase Rental Vehicle Excess Insurance, but another option is to purchase the excess reduction products offered at the counter. These products reduce your financial liability in the case of any damage being caused to the rental car.
  • Toll Charges: If you are planning on using toll roads, you will be responsible for any charges incurred.
  • Parking/speeding fines: If you are fined for any traffic infringements during your rental period, the car rental company will pass these charges on to you. You also may have to pay an additional administrative charge.
  • Kilometre charges: If your rental car had a kilometre limit that you have exceeded, you will be charged an additional fee.
  • Damage Fees: If any additional damage is found when you return your rental car, you are liable to pay up to the capped excess amount.
For example:

Zoe wants to drive from Melbourne to Sydney

Zoe made a reservation for a rental car with VroomVroomVroom. When she arrives at the depot, the car rental company representative tells her that she will need to pay a Young Driver Surcharge because she is 22 years old. Zoe also says she would like to hire a GPS, which incurs an extra daily surcharge. Because Zoe is planning to drop the car off in Sydney, she will need to pay a One Way Surcharge. When she returns the car to Sydney, Zoe does not have time to fill the car with fuel. As a result, she is charged a fee for re-fuelling the car. Because her car did not have a kilometre limit, she did not use any toll roads and no additional damage was found, Zoe will not be charged anything extra.