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Middlemount is a charming city located in Queensland, Australia, with a population of around 2038, according to the 2006 census. It is best known for its mining industry, servicing two coal mines. Like many other mining towns from Queensland, Middlemount developed overnight in the 1980s.

In terms of architecture, the houses all look very similar due to the fact that the town is very young. Despite that there are plenty of restaurants, pubs and nightclubs where you can go and grab a bite or enjoy a hot cup of coffee accompanied by relaxing music. The accommodation here is quite affordable, and with your car hire ready, there is a wide range of places to choose from: hotels, inns or camping sites.

Visiting a town that services the mines can be very interesting. The locals are friendly and you can really get a feel of the mining life without getting your hands dirty. In the nest tab are some attractions that may interest you.

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Top Attractions Within Middlemount

Blue Mountain Park prides itself as the Crowning Jewel in Middlemount. The park is very picturesque and it is the perfect place for the whole family to go and enjoy a nice and quiet afternoon outdoors. In the same time, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes from the surrounding areas. In the evenings, tourists have the opportunity to see and feed the wallabies and the birds. Blue Mountain Park is renowned for the great number of bird species.

Bundoora Dam is a wonderful place, located just 28 kilometres south of Middlemount. It is a place where you can relax or enjoy an adventurous day, taking advantage of the numerous sports options. The actual Dam holds 10.000 mega litres of water and it is the perfect place to practice your water sports skills. You can try waterskiing, swimming or fishing. If you want, you can even bring your boat and have a little cruise on the artificial lake. It is fun, relaxing and adventurous at the same time.

Middlemount Shopping Center is the place where you can enjoy a good shopping spree, with many shops to choose from. In fact, shopping around has never been easier here. By booking your car hire in Middlemount Shopping Centre, this gives you the opportunity to save  money while you save time and energy at the same time.