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Drivers Licence Details

woman holding her drivers licence

Drivers licence requirements and other useful information when renting a car in Australia

So you're all set to go on a road trip in the Land Down Under. You've packed your bags and got your driver's licence with you… but suddenly, you can't book a car hire because you lack the necessary requirements. Now, isn't that a bummer?

To avoid facing this kind of problem, it is important to know the required driver's licence in Australia for car rental customers. Below are some important details that you need to know before hiring a car.

1.  If you have held a valid, unrestricted driver's license, for a minimum of 12 months and it is in English you will not require an international permit. Hertz Tasmania are the exception - 3 years minimum to have held a licence. If you do not have these prerequisites then you will need an international permit. All documents must be original. No photocopies are recognised.

2.  If you are required to bring your driver's licence with the International Driver's Permit from the country of residence, make sure to present other documents like proof of billing or passport.  (Translation is not sufficient, they need IDP)

3.  If you've moved to another country, but still have an old driver's licence in Australia that's been held for more than 12 months and hasn't reached its expiry date, then you can use that instead of your current driver's licence depending on the approval of the supplier and location.  

4. Our suppliers require the drivers to be over 21 and have held an open license for more than 12 months.

5. If you are turning 21 years old during your rental (that is you haven't had your 21st birthday at pickup) I am sorry, suppliers will not allow you to rent.  Renters must have had their 21st birthday before pickup.

6. Redspot is the only supplier who may accept the provisional (or conditional) licence.  However, they do apply a provisional licence surcharge to the rental. Please refer to their Terms and Conditions while booking, for full details.

7. There is no set maximum driving age, but it is the location's decision if they will rent to a person over the age of 75. A medical certificate is required to be carried in some states, for example Queensland. It may not be needed, however it is better to be safe than sorry.

We hope that these drivers licence details would help you have a fuss-free car rental booking experience with us. If you have other queries or concerns, feel free to contact us anytime. You can also reach out to us via Facebook and Twitter

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