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What car hire company rents to 19-year-olds in Australia?

teenager driving a rental car

None of the major car rental companies offer under 21 car rental in Australia.  However, there are a few suppliers that provide car hire for 19 year-olds including Jucy.  They offer car hire for 18 year-old and above drivers for an additional fee, as long as they hold a Full Driver Licence in English or an Australian Green P Plate Licence.  They do not accept Learners Licence or probationary Licences such as a Red P Plate or P1 Licence. 

What car rental companies rent under 25? 

In Australia, Avis, Europcar, Budget, Hertz, Thrifty and Redspot allow renting a car to drivers aged 21 to 24. For a higher daily fee, these companies will rent to any qualified driver aged 21 and above with an open licence.

However, these companies may charge extra fees which will increase your total car hire cost. Redspot rents to Provisional Licence holders over 21 that have held their Licence for a minimum of 1 year with a surcharge of $22.00 per day applied at Pickup.

With any car rental agreement, make sure you understand all fees that will be charged. Check out the Terms and Conditions of each supplier for age surcharge.

Things to consider for under 25 car rental in Australia

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot circumvent the higher fees by arranging the rental in an older driver's name. Regardless of who signs the agreement, all drivers must be registered, and any younger drivers will trigger the additional charges. If an unregistered driver is involved in an accident, they will not be covered and all insurances are null and void, so make sure you always register all potential drivers. 

Another alternative is to consider a local, rather than national, car rental company. A local rental agency in your area may have more favorable rates or policies for younger drivers. If you need help in booking a car hire or would like to get an estimate rental car cost including age surcharge, feel free to contact us. You can also drop us a message via Facebook and Twitter