Outback Travel Tips

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Plan wisely if you're planning to take on the Australian Outback. Being unprepared can take away the fun on your holiday, worse can cost you your trip, money or even your life. So read on and follow these tips to survive the Outback.
  • Bring several clothes that can protect from the heat of the day. Also, it gets very cold during nighttime, so include a warm set of clothing if you have plans of staying after sunset.
  • Be cautious for the dangerous wildlife found here. Venomous creatures such as spiders, snake and others are plenty, be sure stay away from them. Unless you're an expert, it's difficult to tell which ones are poisonous and deadly, to the ones that are not. Hospital is not easily accessible so be very careful.
  • Wear trousers amongst long grass or bushland. Boots are essential, and make yours COMFORTABLE. 
  • If by accident you are bitten, wrap a tourniquet or anything that is tight enough above the bitten area. Stay focus and calm, and see a doctor asap. Emergency services can be reach by dialing "000". 
  • Avoid swimming in waterholes or rivers, unless you want to be eaten by huge crocodiles. There are places that have warning signs posted, but also remotes places don't have those. Be very careful and ask information from a tour guide if you have one.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and fluids. The heat will make you dehydrated faster. A wise rule to follow is to drink at least 1 litre of liquid for every hour of walking.
  • Be careful with your lit fire. Before leaving, make sure that you fully extinguishing all fires and embers.
  • Prepare your supplies, from food to water to petrol. There are not much places where you can get these so it's best to have it and not use it, than need it and not have it.
  • Check that you have the most recent map so you don't get lost. Getting lost is no fun at all so be sure to have the most recent map. You can also ask questions with the locals if you have any.
  • Lastly, let someone know where you are. Inform a friend or love one your planned trip and contact them from time to time to let them know things are fine.

Australian outback is both lovely and treacherous, but being ready and focus and knowing the basics, your trip will be memorable. Keep in mind everyone's safety and look out for each other.

Happy travelling!

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