Top 10 Thrilling and Wonderful Outdoor Activities in Australia

man trying bunjee jumping

Australia has numerous things to offer more than just enjoying the beautiful white sandy beaches, surfing best waves, and drinking on world class wine. Of course, a trip  in Australia will include exploring these things, but there are other heart-pumping, outdoor activities and awesome adventures to experience as well.

Where to find the best Oz adventures

Do you consider yourself open to adventure? Are you ready to jump and fly like a bird?  Maybe you just want to experience an unforgettable zip-trek and have fun in the tree tops. Or you take pleasure in an exhilarating ride of jet boarding? Here's our go to list chasing thrills in Australia whether you want get close to nature or experience the outdoors. And we promise, these wild activities won't disappoint!

1. Skydiving 

sky diver enjoying flying

Have you always wanted to skydive? Book your first skydive to enjoy and experience the thrill by jumping out of a plane, then fly your own parachute before landing on the sand. Some of the popular places (and names) to skydive within Australia include Wollongong Beach in Sydney, Mission Beach in Queensland, Byron Bay in New South Wales, Melbourne Skydive Centre, Sky Dive Nagambie, Adrenalin and Adventures Australia and Lee Point Beach in Darwin

2. Paragliding 

Head to Stanwell Park if you want to learn paragliding . This lovely and scenic beach-side town which offers nice big cliffs to launch from, lies North of Wollongong and south of Royal National Park.

3. Tandem Hangglide

If you are searching for a nice gift you can give yourself,  or would like to go on a date or be with your friends to an experience of a lifetime, why not  join the fun in hang gliding and learn how easy it is to fly. Located in Bald Hill in Stanwell Park and Hill 60 in Wollongong, HangglideOZ provides the sudden excitement of tandem hang gliding. Bald Hill is situated just one hour south of Sydney,

woman enjoying scuba diving

4. Scuba Diving

If scuba diving is more your style, come along or bring your friends to see and experience the amazing The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, which is known as the largest biggest reef on earth and stretches most of the way down the east coast.

5. Jet boating 

If you want to enjoy the rush and thrill of jet boating, there are many popular destinations in Australia, including the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns and Sydney Harbour where you can experience an adrenaline filled, sightseeing thrill-ride.

6. Bungee jumping

If your loved ones or your friends love the extreme, why not send them on a mind-blowing bungee jumping experience. AJ Hackett in Cairns is one of the best bungy companies in the world.  Situated 15 km north of the capital of adventure travel of Australia, AJ Hackett owns a 50 metre Bungy Tower which tens of thousands of people have already leapt from. The company also provides BMX bike jumps, along with 16 various jump styles to select from sure enough to serve all the adrenaline junkies out there.

kid enjoying zorbing

7. Zorbing

Zorbing is a fun activity for the kids and young at heart adults to experience. If you are looking for a great place, don't look any further as Surfers Paradise is a great spot to organise your zorbing. This is actually simple, just get into a giant hamster ball and be ready to roll down a hill.

8. Zip Lining the Treetops 

Come along to soar through the Treetops and have fun with your kids and friends in Belgrave. This is a fun and challenging outdoor activity for your family to experience and enjoy.

9. Cave Diving 

Uncover the magic and delight of caving, as well as the serenity of being underwater. You can select from different levels of difficulty from Cave, Deep Cavern, including Cavern and Sinkhole sites, and Advanced Cave. 

10. 4x4ing
Plan and organise your next adventure to Fraser Island, which is situated off the Queensland coast. Known as  the world's largest sand island and four wheel driving destinations in Australia offering stunning beauty and natural diversity, see if you can drive on sand and discover why this place is one of the most in demand holiday.

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