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Road Trip Must-Haves in Australia

Road trip essentials in Australia

Australia is a great country to go on a road trip because of the spectacular scenic drives and numerous camping opportunities. If you think that all you need to do is pack your clothes after booking a car hire or campervan rental through VroomVroomVroom, then you may end up experiencing some inconveniences during your trip like getting bit by insects or getting lost. We want you to have an awesome adventure in Australia that's why we have listed down all the road trip essentials to make driving your rental car even more stress free.

GPS and map

Having a GPS system installed in your vehicle is very important as it can give you peace of mind, Nowadays, you can also request for a GPS from popular rental companies. Bringing a map (or offline map on your phone) when you go to the outback would be great so you'll have a back-up plan in case there's no signal in that area.

Prepaid SIM card

If you are planning to stay longer in Australia, you will need to get your phone up and running. Hence buying a SIM seems like a good idea. If you'll be spending a lot of time outside the towns and cities, you may want to consider Telstra as it has the widest signal range. Another good option for most travellers is Amaysim.

Camera and tripod

Camera set up on tripod

It is an Australian tradition that people who road trip around this country must stop and have a photo taken with a BIG Thing. These big things are located on most major hi-ways or close by (and very well marked out with traffic signs). See the Big Prawn in Ballina, the Giant Merino in Goulburn or the Big Cherries in Young and the list goes on. If no one's around to take your photo, it will be great to set up your camera with a tripod so you can pose beside the Big Thing.


Driving in a car doesn't completely protect you from the sun that's why it is highly advisable to put on sunscreen with a high SPF to avoid getting a sunburn especially during summer. Most people apply sunscreen only on their arms and legs while driving, but it is important to put on your face, neck, nape and even on your scalp. If you have sensitive skin, you can purchase a sunscreen for face.

Insect repellent

Don't let the mosquitoes or other nasty insects ruin your road trip. Make sure to carry a reliable insect repellent when you travel. This will come in handy when you plan to go camping outdoors or hiking in forests. Always follow the instructions on the label on how to apply the repellent.

Music playlist

Of course, no road trip around Australia is complete without an excellent sound track. Make sure you get this organised before you drive away. Check the stereo and speaker system in your rental vehicle if they are working properly. If you are using your smartphones and tablets, check the USB or AUX cables. Or may simply subscribe and try the Spotify Premium, as this permits you to download playlists you can listen to without Wi-Fi reception.

Torch or lantern

Old oil lam on grass next to pillow and blanket

This is a must have when travelling at night or camping overnight at the park. You will never know when you would encounter car problems such as flat tyre. A lantern can come in handy as well when you cook or set up a tent. A torch can be your best friend when going to the toilet at night to avoid stepping on any creepy crawlers.

First aid kit

You don't necessarily need to buy an expensive first aid kid because you can create your own. You can purchase some basic items like adhesive bandages, gauze pads, stainless shears, and antiseptic wipes which you can arrange in a waterproof bag. If it is not waterproof, you can put the items in a Ziploc bag, Also buy basic medications that can relieve all sorts of sickness like headache, motion sickness or allergy then store them in a portable pill organiser.

Food and drinks

Long drives could mean that you will eventually get hungry and most stores usually close early in the suburbs. You can get something to eat and drink in 24 hour convenience stores, but they are oftentimes more expensive than purchasing them at the supermarket. Make sure to stock up healthy snacks like protein bars and whole-wheat crackers; and of course bring lots of water instead of sodas.

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