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Top Destinations for Bushwalkers

Road trip for bushwalkers

From the amazing natural landscapes to the epic walking tracks spread across countless locations, Australia is a bushwalkers paradise. Whether you are an avid hiker or just want to check out the scenery, VroomVroomVroom has put together a list of the best road trips for nature lovers - so get out there and start exploring!

Bushwalking Spots in Queensland

Daintree Rainforest

daintree national park cape tribulation

This hidden gem is located in Far North Queensland and is a must visit for nature and bushwalking lovers alike. If you are looking to immerse yourself in a tropical paradise, this location is perfect for you.


  • It doesn't get much better than this. The Daintree Rainforest is the oldest rainforest on the planet! Yep, you read that correctly. This natural wonder has been here for 180 million years and is older than the Amazon.
  • You will find an amazing walking track set up in the canopy which ensures that the forest can remain as untouched and pure as possible.
  • For an amazing experience, you can go on a zip-line through the canopy or go for a guided night tour of the area to see the wildlife.

Directions: You can rent a car from Cairns to get to Daintree. The travel time is around 2 hours and 24 minutes via Captain Cook Highway. From there, drive your car straight onto Foxton Avenue until you reach Mossman Daintree Road. You need to take the Daintree Ferry to get to the rainforest.

Noosa National Park

beach at noosa national park

Located in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, the gorgeous Noosa National park is home to some of the most picturesque and stunning views. You'll find countless walking tracks that either take you straight into the bush or others that follow the coastline.


  • On the coastal walks you'll look to your left and see rolling waves and look to your right and see lush native greenery.
  • It's the epitome of Australia - white sandy beaches, turquoise water with whales, dolphins (in peak times) and the chance to see koalas!
  • This national park is located only a few minutes drive from the world-class Hastings Street. Once you have been on your walk you can venture down to this bustling and vibrant town centre.

Directions: You can hire a car in Maroochydore to get to Noosa. Take State Route 6 and Diura Street to State Route 70. Continue to Weyba Downs. Continue on Walter Hay Drive/State Route 70 to your destination in Noosa Heads.

Mount Tamborine

sunset view at gold coast hinterland

From the Tamborine Mountain to Curtis Falls, there is an abundance of things to see and do.


  • Mount Tamborine is the third oldest National Park in the world! An amazing attraction here is the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk which is a 40 metre sky-walk up in the canopy.
  • For the ultimate experience, go on a personal tour of the Mount Tamborine Waterfalls, glow-worms and rainforest!
  • There are also many wineries and restaurants in the area for you to check-out after you have enjoyed the stunning bush walks.

Directions: You can rent a car in the Gold Coast to get to Mount Tamborine. Take Campbell Street to Ashmore Road, State Route 2. Then take State Route 90 to Henri Robert Drive in Clagiraba. Continue on Henri Robert Drive and take Guanaba Road to Bartle Road in Tamborine Mountain. Follow Bartle Road and Main Western Road to Lahey Road. Continue on Lahey Road to your destination.

Bushwalking Spots in New South Wales

three sisters rock formation

Six Foot Track, The Blue Mountains

Six Foot Track is a 3-day bush walk that stretches from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves.


  • Experience a remote and stunning walking track in The Blue Mountains and end your walk in some of the biggest underground cave systems littered with glow worms.
  • There is something beautiful at every twist and turn in this bush walk. You'll start off your hike through Katoomba to the Megalong Valley and Coxs River.
  • To get to the Jenolan Caves you will have trekked through the highest point of the Black Range and will be met with a mind blowing view stretching out over the Blue Mountains.

Directions: You can rent a car in Sydney to get to the Blue Mountains. Follow A4 to Western Motorway in Strathfield and then follow the Western Motorway to the Great Western Highway/A32 in Glenbrook. Continue on the Great Western Highway/A32 and drive to Bruce Road

Bushwalking Spots in Western Australia

Kalbarri National Park

natures window kalbarri national park

This national park is about 6 and a half hours north of Perth. When you visit this location the first stand out is the amazing rock formations. From here, there are many different areas to venture through.


  • This image is taken from 'natures window' and displays the different rock formations and the river that flows through this area.
  • If you are looking for amazing views, we recommend going to the Z-Bend lookout which is only a 1.4km return walk. When you reach this lookout you will see the gorges that stretch 150 metres down into the blue river - how stunning!
  • Other great walks include Hawk's Head, Red Bluff and the most popular lookouts are the Island Rock and Nature Bridge.

Directions: You can rent a car in Perth to get to Kalbarri National Park. Take Roe Street to State Route 2 in West Perth. Follow State Route 60 and National Route 1 to Stephen Street in Northampton. Turn left onto State Route 60. Follow Port Gregory Road and George Grey Drive to Grey Street in Kalbarri.

John Forrest National Park

falls at john forrest national park

Located in the John Forrest National Park, this hike is visually stunning, displaying a lovely view of the Swan Coast all the way to the city of Perth.


  • You'll see stunning wildflowers in the Spring time that are spread everywhere when in full bloom.
  • The native bush land and waterfalls and streams here represent iconic Australian scenery and the wide sweeping views are like no other. The juxtaposition between the bush and then the city in the distance is must-see.
  • There is a great place to eat lunch at the John Forrest National Park Tavern. Located in this area is where there are many friendly kangaroos and places to chill out.

Directions: To get from Perth to John Forrest National Park, get on State Route 8 in East Perth from Stirling Street and Parry Street. Take National Highway 94 to Park Road in Hove. Continue on Park Road to your destination.

Cape Range National Park

sunset cape range national park

If you're wanting to experience the epitome of the Aussie bush, look no further than Cape Range. This location is on the North West Cape peninsula and covers 47, 655 hectares! This area is actually an elevated plateau made from limestone where there are many caves, gorges and formations.


  • You'll see the gorgeous green and orange tones and the stark contrasts from the rocky formations and greenery.
  • Turquoise Bay is a famous area due to its pristine water and white sand.
  • The Yardie Creek flows in between two cliffs and is a stunning sight to see. You can also go on a boat tour of this location after your walk to see the national park from a whole other perspective.

Directions: You can hire your rental car in Exmouth and drive to Cape Range National Park. Head north-east on Welch Street towards Griffiths Way. Turn left onto Murat Road and left again onto Yardie Creek Road.

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