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Credit Card Toll Charges in Sydney

Sydney toll charges

Has this appeared on your credit card?


If so, please call Sydney Motorways on - 13 1865

You have been charged for using a toll road in Sydney. Please visit the Sydney Motorways website for more information. Alternatively visit Sydney Motorways.

Ways to pay for Sydney toll roads

You cannot pay cash on Sydney's toll roads. People who drive frequently in Sydney can apply for an electronic tag, which requires you to pay a pre-paid toll amount and a security deposit. These tags are valid on motorways around the country. If you're just visiting, you can set up an electronic pass. Record your number plate temporarily, and pay a video-matching fee for any toll roads you use.

The charge for tolls can depend on the time of day that you are travelling, and the distance you have covered on the toll road. The WestLink M7 useses distance-based toll charges.

What Sydney roads will I be required to pay a toll charge to use?

There are a number of toll roads in Sydney. Sometimes you will not be charged outside of certain times, or if you are heading in a particular direction. The Sydney Harbour Bridge charges motorists a toll, as does the Harbour Tunnel. You will also be charged for using popular roads like the Cross City Tunnel, Eastern Distributor, Lane Cove Tunnel, and the M5 motorway among others.