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What to do if you get a ticket while driving in Australia

male driver with confused expression inside his car filled with signals speed limit

Do you know what speed you should be maintaining on an Australian Road? All speeds are calculated in kilometers on the left hand side of the road as you are driving you will see signs with black numbers in a red circle. This is the speed you should be using on that particular road. Usually, speed limit can change on the same road a number of times and don't sound so surprised if the speed limit drops rapidly when you arrive in cities and towns, even before you catch sight of more traffic or people.

Note that the top speed limit in most areas is 100km and that speed limits in built-up areas, particularly around schools and hospitals can be as low as 25km. There are speed cameras, fixed and mobile, to capture people speeding and therefore, it's important to keep an eye out for the speed signs. 

Red Light and Speed Cameras - Car Renters Beware

Be very wary of red light cameras when driving your hire car. Situated usually at key intersections, both red light and speed cameras are attached to a pole and detect red light running and speeding. The best advice that VroomVroomVroom can give you concerning red light cameras and a rental car is to simply ensure you do not run a red light. And we will tell you why:

road sign in rural australia
  • It is against the law to speed in Australia or go through a red light. If it is a stationary speed camera that records you speeding,you may not know that you will be hit with a fine for a few weeks. Red light cameras are not attached to every set of traffic lights in the country. You may not know which traffic lights have them until it's too late and you see a flash, in which instance, smile for the camera.
  • It is dangerous to speed, especially in a rental car that you may not be familiar with. You could put many lives at danger, including your own if you run a red light in your hire car.
  • If you incur a speeding fine or get caught running a red light, the car rental supplier will add an administration fee from $30 upwards, on top of the speeding fine price. This will be charged directly to the credit card used to rent the vehicle. Of course , it is wise that you pay any fines you receive before leaving the country as failure to pay fines may lead in refusal of a rental car, refusal of entry or cancellation of a visa on your next/return visit.
  • Points can be taken from your license (demerit points) which may lead to you being suspended from driving, depending on how many points you have. Each state of Australia has different rules concerning licencing and fines and it may be worth your while doing your homework by state before driving. If you are looking for more information about driving in Australia, as well as distances between cites and speeding fine information, make sure you also read this page.

Got a speeding fine recently? Would you tell us what happened?