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Can I Pay Cash for My Car Rental?

Paying with cash

It may be possible. Here at VroomVroomvroom, all of our car rental partner require a credit card for pick up and only a few major locations take cash on the return of the vehicle. This is because safety and security for staff can become a risk by keeping large amounts of cash on the premises.

Which car hire companies accept cash payment?

Some providers such as Enterprise, Avis, and Hertz may approve a cash rental only if you meet their very stringent requirements.

With East Coast Car Rentals, it will be compulsory to purchase a Loss Damage Waiver option if you are paying by EFTPOS or Cash. It is important to note that cash is not accepted at city offices.

While you can pay with cash, it cannot be confirmed online with VroomVroomVroom. Their requirements along with deposit are employment confirmation, references and a substantial cash deposit and only Monday to Friday rental in some cases with a 30-day notice.

Reservations made with VroomVroomVroom require payment by credit card when the vehicle is collected. The owner of the credit card must be present to sign the Rental Agreement and authorise the payment directly to the car rental provider. If you have any additional questions, just contact us via phone, email and live chat.

For other payment methods, click here.

In terms of taking cash without cash qualifying direct, car hire companies have these policies in place because they are handing over assets worth thousands of dollars. So to protect them, credit cards provide a more secure environment of ensuring costs are recovered if the vehicle is damaged, not refuelled, etc.