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Bravehearts Mower-thon 2008

A passionate supporter of Bravehearts, Claude Harvey is embarking on a momentous journey from the Gold Coast to Sydney on August 10, 2008. Completing the approximate 850km with the aid of a ride-on lawnmower, the trip is expected to take four weeks.

Over the past eight years Mr Harvey has become somewhat of a local celebrity, walking with his lawnmower from Hope Island to Tweeds Heads and back to raise money. But this year he decided he wanted to do something bigger and better. The first of what is hoped to be an annual 'Mower-thon', the event has been organised to coincide with the conclusion of the White Balloon Day.

White Balloon Day in Australia has raised unprecedented awareness of child sexual assault over the past ten years. By showing our support and Breaking the Silence, White Balloon Day has helped give a voice to those touched by this evil. This year White Balloon Day is on Tuesday 9th September. The white balloon has been adopted by Bravehearts Inc as symbolic of the issue of child sexual assault.

For more information on this wonderful charity and how you can help see www.bravehearts.org.au

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white balloon day
Clive in front of his car
Clive making his way from the Gold Coast to Sydney raising money for Bravehearts!!