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Cooktown was the town where Captain James Cook beached his ship for repair sometime in 1770. It lies within the Far North Queensland, Australia at the mouth of the Endeavour River, the river that was named after the renowned explorer's ship. A visit to the area is mostly favorable all year round for its usually friendly weather. The town's highlights include its large and naturally beautiful preserved areas, impressive biodiversity, Aborigine cultural heritage sites, historical sites, nearby isles, the James Cook museum and a number of fantastic destinations for adventurous and fun filled outdoor activities. hence, booking a campervan hire in Cooktown seems like a great decision. Just click here should you wish to know or share some travel tips.

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Cairns is the closest city with a campervan depot to Cooktown. View other depot locations in the map below.

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Top Campervan and Motorhome Campsites in Cooktown

Cooktown Orchid Travellers Park is situated along Charlotte Street, Cooktown. It is nestled at the heart of the town and is children and pet friendly. Unpowered and powered sites are the accommodations that it offers. Its campsite facilities include barbecue facilities, camp kitchen, communal refrigerator, ice, laundry, open fireplace and outdoor swimming pool. 

Top Attractions in Cooktown

Cooktown Scenic Rim Trail lies within the Mount Cook National Park, Cooktown. Going through the trail allows oneself to learn about the town's heritage whilst enjoying the area's natural beauty. Get to see large and impressive collection of mangrove, pass through a rainforest, reach the northern end of Finch Bay and or the interesting beach at Cherry Tree Bay to see more of country's impressive coastal views.

Hope Islands National Park is situated not too far from the town of Cooktown in Queensland, Australia. The islands East Hope, Snapper Island, Struck Island and West Hope form part the national park. The Hope islands are the ones that are much near to Cooktown. Access to the islands could only be via allowed commercial operators for now. The park is famous for its impressive flora and fauna and ideal sites for activities like camping, diving, snorkeling, fishing and swimming.

Lakefield National Park could be reached via the Battle Camp Road, Cooktown. The attraction is the state of Queensland's second largest national park. It is children and guests with disability friendly too. The park is famous for its wildlife sanctuary, Aboriginal cultural heritage sites, fantastic camping sites, waterholes and abundant lotus - lilies at its Red and White Lily lagoons. Animal viewing, bush walking, bird watching, camping and fishing are popular activities within the site.

Lizard Island National Park consists five islands with the Lizard Island near Cooktown being its seat/ prime island. The destination is also children and guest with disability friendly and is an ideal destination for camping, cycling, snorkeling, island hoping and leisure walking. Its popular features include its beautiful sandy beaches, coral gardens, clam gardens, the Watsons Bay, Cooks Look, Mary Watson's cottage, flora and the Blue Lagoon. 

Mount Cook National Park features Eucalypt woodland, rainforest and 431 metres towering mountain called Mount Cook that was named after the renowned explorer, James Cook. Hiking to the top of the said mountain is very much popular with both locals and tourists. Reaching the summit of Mount Cook provides not only not only the picturesque view of Cooktown but also of the Great Barrier Reef.

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