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Griffith is a relatively small town, located in New South Wales. Established in 1916, book a cheap car hire in Griffith which was named after the first minister of Public Works in New South Wales. Even if it has a history of more than 90 years, it was only in 1987 that Griffith was proclaimed a city. Moreover, until 2010, Griffith did not even have traffic lights, which is weird considering that it has a population of more than 16.000.

This town is one of the most productive agriculture areas in Australia so it's become Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area's regional service centre. The city is known as Australia's “Wine and Food Country” and it owes getting that title to the science behind irrigation. Because of the fair distribution of water around the land, Griffith has become a very rich, fertile region.

It may be thus hard to believe that Griffith is one of the main commercial centres of the area, comprising more than 8 shopping centres and complexes, including Griffith Plaza, Griffith Central and Driver Shopping Complex. When visiting Griffith in your cheap car hire, tourists will also get the chance to witness many events and festivals, where they will definitely have an enjoyable time.

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In south-western New South WalesAustralia, you'll find the city of Griffith. The city was designed by Walter Burley Griffin, the man who's also responsible for designing the nearby town of Leeton and Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.
Griffith got its name from Sir Arthur Griffith, the first New South Wales minister of Public Works. In 1987, Griffith was finally proclaimed a city and now has a population of over 16,000 people.

Before you can circle Griffith, though, you need a car rental. Trust me, renting a car will bring about less stress. Plus, it'll save you so much more time for sight-seeing. With VroomVroomVroom you can choose the car rental deal that best suits you. Please hurry and get your car rental today! 

There are a variety of things one can find interesting in Griffith. While you're here, you should be aware of all the note-worthy locations. And like any Australian city, Griffith is loaded with tons of tourist attractions.

Top Attractions within Griffith

The Pioneer Park Museum was established in 1967. Spanning on 40 hectares, it comprises 40 historical buildings. Besides learning a lot about the history and traditions of the place, you will also be able to enjoy relaxing activities after parking your cheap car hire, like a picnic, barbecue or luncheon. The natural bushland hosts an impressive number of bird species.

The Griffith Regional Art Gallery will give you a taste of the Australian culture. Comprising an extraordinary collection of Australian art, bring your cheap car hire to the gallery which is also a great place for exhibitions, which are being held here about 12 times a year.

Halt your cheap car hire to The Hermit's Cave which is an impressive complex of stone structures, dating back to 1936 and spanning on 16 hectares. It is considered an Australian heritage site, because the shelters, linking bridges, paths, stairways and terraced gardens, are unique and rare exhibits of an Australian hermit's domain.

The Griffith Wetlands Important Bird Area is one of the most spectacular attractions you will see here in Griffith if you have booked a cheap car hire. With an impressive number of animal and bird species, this place becomes the perfect choice for spending a nice and relaxing day with your family, in the core of the nature. The large number of endangered birds that live here is the reason why this place is considered an 'important bird area'.

Scenic Hill
An ideal first stop would be Scenic Hill. On the outskirts of the town of Griffith, there exists 16 hectares of a complex of stone structures. This is where you'll find lots of walking trails, look outs and the place's main attraction, the ever-famous Hermit's Cave.
The site is known for being a rare example of an Australian hermit's domains and is on the list of New South Wales State Register. It has structures, terraced gardens, water bodies, and a wide stretch of paths that cover about a kilometre of the protective embankment. Another interesting thing about this place is that it was single-handedly designed by Valerio Ricetti, a withdrawn Italian migrant. With his reclusive lifestyle he decided to make this place his own private “utopia”, making great use of the natural landscape and materials within the area. Your next destination has to be Cocoparra. It's a national park in New South Wales, just 457 kilometres to the west of Sydney. If you're looking for a natural escape, this is the place to be. 
Enjoy a view of hill ranges, wattles, orchids and the beautiful blue-tinged cypress pines. Bask in the sun while taking in the geology of the place. See Upper Devonian sandstones, siltstones and conglomerates while having a wonderful picnic or setting up a campground at Woolshed Flat. 
Murrumbidgee River
Then head on up to Murrumbidgee River, a major tributary of the Murray River. The Murrumbidgee spans across 900 kilometres, starting from the edge of Peppercorn Hill, to a confluence with the Murray. Get this, the word Murrumbidgee means "big water" in the Wiradjuri language, a local Aboriginal tongue. Wow, I guess they really mean it when they say that the Murrumbidgee's a water wonderland.
Now that we've got Griffith clear, it's time for you to start making your vacation plans a reality! I wish you luck and a safe trip, mate. Cheers to you and your well-deserved break!
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