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Bairnsdale is an amazing city located in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Bairnsdale actually is one of the largest cities situated on the Mitchell River. Both the surroundings and the view of the city are spectacular, thus having a rental car is a must. Bairnsdale is a commercial center with an unique view, including lakes, rivers, beaches, mountains, and numerous tourist attractions that make visitors from all over the world opt for planning a trip to Bairnsdale.

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Bairnsdale was established in April, 1862, but the location was only given the status of a city in July 1990. The city is one of the most beautiful locations in Australia to drive your rental car around, a place in which tourists can visit cultural and historical attractions, plan outdoor adventures or simply enter into contact with the culture and traditions of the city and its inhabitants.

Top Attractions within Bairnsdale

The Saint Mary's Roman Catholic Church. Located in the Main Street, Saint Mary's Roman Catholic Church is one of Bairnsdale's notable landmarks. The Church has a distinctive tall tower and colorful murals on its ceilings and walls. The murals were painted by the Italian artist Francesco Floreani during the era of Great Depression. And up to this day, the beauty of the church still remains a beautiful creation. 

St. Mary's Catholic Church is a location that tourists should not miss when visiting Bairnsdale in their rental car. The architecture of the building is really impressive and a living testimony of the culture and art of the city. The murals of St. Mary's Catholic Church, as well as the paintings by Francesco Floreani, manage to draw numerous tourists each year.
The Mitchell River National Park. The National Park surrounds the magnificent Mitchell River. The park is about 11,900 hectares and has some of Gippland's best forest country. Inside the park, you'll see several gorges which include the Den of Nargun (the Den of Nargun was mentioned in Aboriginal Legends). And bordering the gorges, you'll find remnants of temperate rainforest.
The park has many activities for its visitors. If you're into water and sports, you can enjoy canoeing and rafting. If you're the person who likes to take long strolls, then the park also has the Mitchell River Walking Track. The track follows the west bank of the river from Angusyale through the gorge to the Den of Nargun. And halfway through the gorge, you'll find the Billy Goat Bend that has a beautiful, semi-circular cliff (known as the Amphitheatre). Aside from the Mitchell River Walking track, there is also a circuit walk that takes in the Bluff Lookout and the Mitchell River.
Not only is the view breathtaking, here tourists can also see some unique floral species. Here, visitors can plan a series of outdoor activities. The River Mitchel and Botanic Gardens have a natural beauty and charm that can easily conquer and welcome all tourists.

The Bataluk Cultural Trail. The Bataluk Cultural trail extends from Sale through Mitchell River National Park, Bairnsdale, and Orbost to Cape Conran. The trail traces the trading routes in the pre-colonial days and focuses on the elements of Koorie history and culture.

The Krowathunkooloong Keeping Place is a very important tourist attraction in Bairnsdale. The museum hosts an impressive collection of artifacts. In this location, tourists with rental cars will be able to find out information about the history of the city, the culture and the heritage of Bairnsdale. Krowathunkooloong Keeping Place is one of the few places in which visitors can learn the history of the Australian culture, its heritage, true values and traditions.

The Court House is another impressive building in Bairnsdale. The Court House was built in 1893 and it is now considered one of the most iconic locations in Bairnsdale. With an unique architecture and beautiful surroundings, The Court House is included in all routes to Bairnsdale.

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