Things to do in Jabiru

Kakadu National Park incorporates Jabiru in its wide 19,804 square kilometers surface, between the Alligator Rivers. The park is a unique area for Australian history, flora, fauna and heritage studies. With its numerous caves that contain rock art paintings and remains of old life forms, this National Park attracts numerous tourists every year. People coming to Jabiru visit the park as well, for the opportunity to see wildlife and plants in their natural environment, many of which can only be seen in this region. The best way to get to Jabiru is in a rental car. People also come here to see numerous falls and sites. Unfortunately, some sections of the park are closed during some periods of the year, when the danger of natural fires is high.

Jabiru Town Lake offers visitors the possibility to enjoy activities such as picnics and barbecues, cruises, day-trips and freshwater fishing. All these are available in a natural environment, fully equipped and facilitated. Here, families and groups can plan and enjoy days of relaxation and peacefulness; it is the perfect location in Jabiru to experience life in a small town.

Gagudju Crocodile Hotel is first of all an important accommodation venue in Jabiru, housing a great number of tourists and facilitating them with special offers concerning rooms and suites, restaurants, health care places and spas and so on. The hotel may also be seen as a place of visitation, due to the fact that the building is shaped as a fierce predator, that has symbolical meaning to the locals.

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