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Port Hedland is a small city located in Western Australia, with a population of 14,000 residents, according to the 2006 census. Port Hedland is the highest tonnage port in Australia and the largest town in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Book a rental car in Port Hedland which is a natural deep anchorage port which acts perfectly for the shipment of iron ores. The port handles the largest tonnage of any port in Australia and it is here that the iron-ore is unloaded, screened, crushed, stockpiled, and conveyed out onto the pier for export. The ores are frequently exported to JapanEuropeChina, and South Korea. Although it is a small town by the seaside, it is a charming place to go on a short holiday, enjoy the spectacular landscapes and the clean, stunning beaches.

Aside from exporting iron-ores, Port Hedland also has many attractions that will truly overwhelm its' visitors! The history of Port Hedland goes back to the Indigenous people. The former name of Port Hedland means place of good water and it refers to three fresh water soaks that can be seen today around the town. Make sure to book a rental car before exploring Port Hedland.


Top Attractions Within Port Hedland

The Cape Keraudren Nature Reserve
About one and a half hour drive northeast of Port Hedland, the attractive Cape Keraudren Nature Reserve is situated on a striking beach with pristine white sands that stretches as far as the eye can see! And the crystal blue water is a majestic welcome to the start pf the famous Eighty Mile Beach!
Once in the reserve, you can take one of the several walks to witness the diversity of native flora and fauna that has made its home along this unspoiled coastline! This a place where you can relax while being in awed by how beautiful the scene is when the sky meets the land and the ocean!
The Dalgety House Museum
The Dalgety Museum gives an opportunity for visitors to gain an insight on the impact during the “white settlement” on the Karivarra Aboriginal people of Pilbara.
You can view the wide range of artifacts, photographs, and documentation presented in the enlightening displays throughout the house museum. You can also listen to recordings of personal memoirs and watch the informative and sense-stimulating audio visual displays!
And here's what, aside from the contents of the museum, the house museum itself has historical significance! The place was initially built for employees of long standing international company Dalgety and Co. These English merchants set up a post in the town of Port Hedland in 1903, and the Dalgety House remained the manager's residence until 1974.
The Tidal Flats
The Tidal Flats left at Port Hedland by the huge tide of the North West will, seriously, amaze you! Be sure not to forget your cameras because the wonderful patterns etched into the sand are truly worthy to capture!
The tides, which move quickly from a meter to eight meters, create great fishing spots in the huge waterholes left behind. (The tide times can be obtained from the Port Hedland Visitor Centre)
During low tide, take off those shoes and take some time to wander along the beach. There are a lot of beautiful shells scattered in the sand which will be perfect for souvenirs.
And if you want to witness one of nature's most amazing works, see the tidal flats between May and October, and check out the astonishing “Staircaseto the Moon” phenomenon during full moon dates —the moonlight reflects off the tidal flats on the rising moon!

Cape Keraudren Nature Reserve is a wonderful place situated on a picturesque beach with clean white sands that stretch all over. Park your rental car and you can take a walk through the nature reserve to a diverse flora and fauna that has adapted to the coastline. You can even go fishing or camp overnight to catch the morning sunrise.

Don Rhodes Mining Museum is the place in Port Hedland where you can see fully restored locomotives. You will be amazed by the ingenuity of the road, rail and transport technology, which eased the industrial growth during the last century. Be sure to visit the open air museum that pays homage to the mining industry that once was thriving in Port Hedland.

Town Observation Tower is a unique place to visit with your rental car in Port Hedland. Just take the elevator to the top floor, open your camera and enjoy the wonderful Birdseye view. You can see everything that is going on in the town, in the port entrance and last but not least, the coastline.

Port Hedland is a great place for rediscovering the past with the help of history, culture and civilization.

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