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Get to know Kalgoorlie

Kalgoorlie is a charming small town located east-northeast of the state capital Perth. Thename of the town comes from the Aboriginal Wangai dialect, and means "place of the silky pears".

Hire a car and visit this town that was established back in the 19th century (during theGold Rush period) due to its closeness to the so-called Golden Mile. At the last 2006 census, the town had a population of 28.250 inhabitants. Although the main industry of the town was and still is mining, when you drive your hire car around town you'll see many beautiful buildings filled with history, art and fun!

Car hire in Kalgoorlie can be collected from a number of locations. You can choose to hire a car from the city or the airport and explore Kalgoorlie in style. As Kalgoorlie is anisolated city, there may be restrictions that apply when hiring a car there. Please read through the terms and conditions for your booking, which are provided on the booking page.

Kalgoorlie is an awesome place to visit in your hire car. Be sure to research and plan ahead for your trip, in order to maximize your experiences in the city. With a car rental Kalgoorlie, you'll be able to create your own itinerary and you won't have to depend on the schedule of public transportation. You can also visit all the attractions in Kalgoorlie, considering your unique interests and hobbies.

Get rates for all the different car hire vehicles available in Kalgoorlie by entering the basic information about your travel into our search box and let VroomVroomVroom do all the hard work for you.  

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Hello there, my dear travelers! It's me again, your one and only Grandpa Ben. So, how you been? Do I smell a craving for an adventure here? Ah, that unmistakable scent. Just right on time then because I am here to bring you exactly what you are craving for- and adventure of a lifetime. And this time I will bring you to Kalgoorlie. It is a town in Western Australia and is also know by the name Kalgoorlie-Boulder. The town was founded in 1893 during the gold rush so don't be surprised when I tell you that it is very near the area they call the “Golden Mile”.

Wait! Don't just leave still need to pack your things and, the most important, get a perfect car rental. It should offer you very affordable and problem-and-hassle-free cars. 

Can't think or find any on the yellow pages? Or you just have no time to look because you on the edge of seat and just want to go to Kalgoorlie in a flash? Alright, just visit Kalgoorlie car rental and you will have your perfect car rental.

You are ready, your things are ready, and your car is ready. Let us not waste a second and let us go straight to Kalgoorlie!

Use your car rental to explore the Top Attractions in Kalgoorlie

The Super PitThe name alone will get your blood rushing with excitement! The Super Pit is one of the most famous attractions to visit with a hire car within Kalgoorlie. It is an open-cut gold mine created by Alan Bond that is approximately 3.6 kilometers long! This particular place is interesting, because the digging reveals old shafts containing old equipment and vehicles from earlier mines. Park your hire car here, because the mine is still operable to this day.

There is a visitor centre that overlooks it. And every 1:00 p.m the mine blasts and if you are lucky you will get to see old shafts with abandoned equipment and vehicles from the previous mines. The mine will continue to operate 24/until 2017. After that the authorities will let the ground water seep and it is estimated that it will take more or less 50 years to completely fill the pit. That is how big it is!

Gribble Creek Walk and Cycle Way. Hire a car in Kalgoorlie and visit Gribble Creek Walk and Cycle Way which is a great place to discover the town of Kalgoorlie and its many surrounding attractions. You can ride or simply walk through the historic streets of Kalgoorlie and rediscover life as it was during the Gold Rush.

Hammond Park is another great attraction of Kalgoorlie, located outside of the city. Having a hire car means that you will have a great opportunity to observe unique animals in their natural habitat, from kangaroos to emus... and a large variety of birds. It is a great experience for children as well, because they have the opportunity to feed the animals and to learn about them.

Kalgoorlie Town Hall. Visit Kalgoorlie Town Hall which is one of the most impressive local buildings of the 20th century. It was completed during the Gold Rush and it is characterized by its impressive facade and luscious interiors. Kalgoorlie Town Hall houses a banquet room, council rooms, and an extensive art gallery.

If you are hungry after a day around the town, there are a large variety of restaurants to choose from. There are also plenty of accommodation venues to select from -- everything from old fashioned hotels to rustic inns.

The Kalgoorlie Post Office. Have you ever seen a building constructed of soft pink stone? No? Then its time for you to visit the Kalgoorlie Post Office. The construction was completed in 1899. Its construction was in response to the rapid growth and development of the town.

Adjoining the post office are theGovernment Precinct, the Warden'sCourt and Offices, the Mines Department and the Courts of Justice. These buildings were built around the same time and demonstrates the FederationFree Classical Style.

The Kalgoorlie Hotel/ Judds Pub. You must be tired and hungry after all that excitement. Judds Pub offers their mouth watering woodfired pizzas. If you are not in for some pizzas then they have fine dining upstairs on the balcony overlooking the town. They not only offer food but they offer quality and wonderful service!

Now wasn't that fun? Your adventure here in Kalgoorlie will definitely make everyone you know pack their things to have the adventure exactly just like yours. Just enjoy and forget about all your troubles. You only get to live once so live it to the fullest. But never forget to tell me all about your adventure!

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