The Ultimate Road Trip Survival Guide

guy ready to embark on a road trip

Hitting the road? Pack the perfect road trip survival kit

Just thinking about a road trip for me is exciting. The thought of exploring a different area, the open road and the strange and exotic roadside cuisine to try is simply irresistible. For others, a road trip brings back horrible memories of child hood trips filled with mean siblings travel sickness and no air conditioning. While a select few will reflect back to the “seventies” and the hazy memories of that trip in the “combie” to the beach that summer. To have the best road trip experience possible, we have compiled the ultimate road trip survival kit for you.

12 Survival Tips & Items

1. Toilet Paper

This should be obvious. A roll in the glove box is highly recommended.

2. Contact Phone Numbers

All our affiliates have roadside assistance numbers to assist their broken down passengers and vehicles. Make sure you have the number at hand.

3. Camera

three lovely ladies posing at the camera

Australian tradition dictates that all people who road trip around this country must stop and have a photo taken with a BIG Thing. These big things are located on most major hi-ways or close by (and very well marked out with traffic signs). See the Big Prawn in Ballina, the Giant Merino in Goulburn, the Big Cherries in Young or Big Mango in Bowen and the list goes on.

4. Sunscreen

This is essential when touring Australia by car. Car travel is a fantastic way to get burnt in summer. Hands Arms Faces and the tops of the knees are the areas generally effected so a simple application every few hours will ensure that the rest of the trip in comfortable.

5. Have a Map or GPS

Ever been lost? Remember how frustrating it is. Now add the fact that you also got your mates lost... so it just makes sense to hire one of these with your car as it will make navigating your way around a strange country or town a breeze.

6. Games

two female friends looking at a tablet screen

The road trip game has been around as long as the road trip. Some of the popular road trip games worth-playing include: "21 Questions," "Did You Hear That," "The Singing Game," "The Movie Game," "The Name Game," "Battle of the Bands" or "Word Association."

7. Lollies

These are multi purpose either used as a reward or as a boredom buster.

8. Water

Either for passenger or vehicle, it's just a smart thing to have on a long trip. If you are about too embark on your first road trip with a group of friends just a couple of ground rules at the start of the trip will ensure that you are all still friends at the end.

9. Shot Gun rules

The Front passenger's seat is the most wanted seat in the car. Shot Gun needs to be different every day and you can not “reserve” this seat the whole trip.

10. Music

dapper guy listening to music

Most hire cars today have a CD Player so a CD of your fave driving songs is ideal and a road trip sing-along is heaps of fun. For song selections, you may want to check out and read this page. We've compiled a variety of music playlists sure to boost your energy and have a positive effect to fuel your mood.

11. Don't Pick Up Hitchhikers

Be very wary and alert. Should I even explain why or leave it to Hollywood? Texas Chainsaw Massacre, There's Some Thing About Mary, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, and The Hitch Hiker? See your mum was right!

12. Stop, Revive, Survive

Finally, don't forget the most important thing on a road trip is to stop, revive, survive and you never know that little stop may introduce you to your next amazing experience and keep you safe for your next road trip.

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Have a favorite road trip game? Or a favorite road trip song? Don't hesitate to add it in the comments below!