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Charging an electric car

Charging your rental electric vehicle

One of the biggest questions when it comes to electric cars is where can you charge them. Read on to find out more.

Where can you charge your car?

Aside from charging it at your own residence, the network of charging locations where you can charge your vehicle is expanding all the time. They are not yet though as common as petrol stations, so, particularly if driving long distances, you do need to pay a little more attention to how charged you are and where you can top up. Electric cars are just as heavy as conventional ones should you need to push one — don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Below is a list of resources showing where stations are. Note that private provider apps will most likely present the most up-to-date information — at least regarding their own charging stations.

Australia-wide maps

PlugShare is a crowd-sourced aggregator of electric charging stations worldwide and their (free) smartphone app is a handy guide to the location of charging stations and the routes between them.

Chargefox and Evie maintain electric vehicle locations in every state except the Northern Territory.

A list of Tesla Superchargers in Australia can be found here and marked on a map of Australia here.

State by State maps

The NRMA’s charging network in New South Wales is summarised here.

The Queensland government has prepared this map (PDF) of selected charging stations in the state.

An RAA map of charging stations in South Australia can be found here.

A map of current and planned charging stations in Victoria can be found here.

A list of Western Australia charging stations, by the RAC can be found here.

Plugshare map of charging locations in Australia