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Should I rent a truck or compare removalists?

The sun is setting. Brooke notices the distinct smell of cardboard boxes and sticky tape.  She pushes down on one with force, worried it will bust open at any minute. Just as the excitement of moving to their new home kicks in, Brooke and Craig realise that moving is hard work. Really hard work. As the day becomes night, Brooke wipes a bead of sweat from her brow and takes a seat on the cluttered floor. She stares at the sunset and says to Craig "Craig, we need decide between renting a truck or hiring a removalist." Craig pulls out a big fat pen and starts writing the pros and cons on the side of a box.

Renting a moving truck and driving ourselves


  • Cheaper
  • Good exercise


  • more dangerous
  • might be impossible tasks
  • slower, if you don't have help
Rent a truck from the VroomVroomVroom truck rental page.

Hiring a professional removalist


  • Will probably be moved quicker
  • Experienced at the really heavy stuff
  • Nothing is impossible
  • Might be eye candy for the women
  • Some removalists have insurance


  • More expensive
  • Requires more preparation as it needs to be moved all at once

Comparing Removalists

If you decide to use a professional mover, I recommend one of the following trusted companies.


Phone Your Local  Movers toll free:1800 004 065

Sydney - Melbourne - Brisbane - Perth

eMove are ready. Phone them on:1300 306 522