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Need help with your car rental? Phone: 1300 722 920
Need help with your car rental? Phone: 1300 722 920

Why Car Rental Companies Ask For Flight Number?

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If you have ever wondered why car rental companies ask for your flight number, here is why.  The incoming Flight Number indicates to the rental car companies what time your flight is estimated to arrive and the terminal of arrival so your booked vehicle is ready for you to collect.

When you give a car rental company your flight number, you are telling them exactly when you will arrive. Thus, they will be able to coordinate their rental schedule so that they can have the car ready at the right time. They will not need to have the car in the lot all day if you are not arriving until 4 p.m. 

Rental companies have more scheduling to do than you realize. They even need time to clean the car between renters. Depending on how clean the previous renter was, this can take anywhere from a few minutes to more than an hour. The whole schedule can change based on when you need your car. If your flight is delayed, your rental company will know this if they have your flight number. They will be able to delay cleaning your car or otherwise adjust their schedule. Having your flight number can give a rental company a little more flexibility. 

Other benefits of letting the car rental company get your flight number

Imagine arriving at the airport and not getting the vehicle you booked. If you do not want to get to the car rental company and find out that the car you reserved has not yet been returned by its previous renter. Your flight information helps them make sure you get the car when you need it. 

Asking for your flight information is not a particularly intrusive question. Do not worry about giving it out to a reputable car rental service. They will not use this information for any other purpose except for making certain that your requested car is available when you need it. The more efficiently a car rental company runs, the better your rental experience will be. Ultimately, the reason car rental companies ask for your flight number is so that they can give you the highest level of customer service that is possible. 

If you have other queries, please feel free to contact us so we can assist you.  For a list of airports in Australia where rental cars are available, click here.