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How to Cut Your Car Fuel Bill 

Hire car at the Petrol Station

Every driver wants to save and cut their fuel bill. But are you aware that the way you drive and the condition of your car has an impact on the amount of fuel you use? If not, we'll tell you why. Below are a few simple tips to help you cut down your fuel costs.

1. Change your driving style

The best way to cut your car fuel costs is by monitoring how you drive. Aggressive accelerating, idling and excessive speed will use up more fuel. Idling takes place when a car's engine is running while the car is not in motion. Oftentimes, drivers are forced to idle in traffic, but if you can avoid situations where your engine is idling for long periods, that can help you cut your fuel bill. 

2. Drive wisely and take care of your car

In order for you to drive economically and use less fuel when driving, always make sure to avoid driving during peak and rush hour, to use cruise control, and  to avoid using air conditioner whenever possible. To help save on fuel, it is also advisable to have your car serviced frequently to maintain its running costs down.

3. Check your tyres once a month

Know if your tyres are always at the correct pressure. Having a low pressure in the tyres can produce extra resistance that can consume more fuel. It also causes tyres to wear out faster. Hence, It is recommended to check your vehicle's tyre pressure once every month.

4. Know when is the best day of the week to fill up 

Observe the daily prices at your local gas station so you can save money. In an article published by Savings Guide: "The cheapest day for petrol is actually a Tuesday or Wednesday according to National Roads and Motorists' Association (NRMA) and MotorMouth – mid week when people are at their busiest and less likely to fill up with petrol." While Thursday is said to be the most expensive day. However, note that the best and most expensive days to fill up your vehicle with petrol can change from cycle to cycle. "The duration of petrol price cycles in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide varies from cycle to cycle, and has increased in recent years," according to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACC), adding "in 2017 to date, price cycle durations in these cities have ranged from a low of 14 days to a high of 61 days." 

5. Get rid of excess weight

This one is a no-brainer. Make sure to lose the junk in your trunk. Remember unnecessary weight makes your car engine to work harder. This increases fuel consumption. Remove anything you don't need in the car.

6. Use discount fuel vouchers

When you shop for your groceries where they provide fuel discount vouchers, take advantage of them. Remember every few pennies you get is money that remains in your pocket.

7. Share the ride

Of course, one of the best ways to cut your fuel bill is to actually use your car less. Look for other alternatives like carpooling. Ask if your co-workers are interested in splitting a tank of gas once a week. You can suggest using one another's vehicles to even out the wear-and-tear. If you prefer to have your quiet time during your ride, just be polite and let the other passengers know you're not in the mood to talk. Normally, wearing your headphones do the trick.

Have you been saving fuel lately? Got other handy fuel saving tips on how you can cut down on your fuel costs? Share and let us know in the comments.