Secrets to Finding Good Cheap Hotels

I love staying in Hotels. Crisp White Linen, Room Service and if your very lucky a turn down service that leaves a little chocolate on your pillow. Unfortunately not all cheap hotels are the same. I once was booked into a one that didn't even have a window (not my own doing). So here are a few of the tips I use to make sure I don't have to pay a lot of money to have a wonderful room and a great night sleep.

Comparison Websites – Use them
There are a number of services out there now that offer a comparison service for hotels and motels all over the world. This is perfect if you are price motivated. You get pictures and a description of the room and packages on offer. It is also a great opportunity to check out the prices for hotels in different suburbs i.e. Coolangatta v Broadbeach v Surfers Paradise. This can be done with minimum amount of work.

Stick with what you know
Lots of hotels are owned by larger chains. Within these large chains are minimum operation standards that will guarantee you have a good experience. So if you have stayed with a particular group before and you were happy with the service try them again as you should be just as happy.

What do other people say?
Ok you find yourself travelling to a place you don't know and you can find a familiar brand hotel but you find a cheap accommodation house with some very impressive pictures, my advice is to stop before you book. Like “Photo Shopped” models a lot of the pictures for hotels & motels are staged and I have even known hotels to photo shop the view out of the window pictured to something much better than in reality. Head for a spoonful of reality with a travel forum like Trip Advisor where real travelers will tell you in no uncertain terms what their experience was like. With this in mind you can then book your accommodations with some peace of mind.

Loyalty Clubs
I seriously love these especially hotel and travel companies programs as they can be of real value. Many of the larger chains offer these programs and can reward you with free nights and also offer partner programs. VIP treatment is always nice and most loyalty programs treat their program members as such.

What's going On?

Sporting Events, Concerts, Festivals, Large Conferences and Holidays will always Push the tariffs of a hotel up. So if you would like to find out what going on in a town or city have a look at the regions tourism authority website and there should be a calendar of events. Not so helpful for those who are last minute. Days of the week also effect tariffs. For example Sunday through to Thursday in major cities will be the peak nights as they occupancy could be around 90% with Business travelers. Friday & Saturday nights in these hotels are cheaper . While in tourist destinations weekends tend to be busy so the rate is higher.

Ask for a discount as you never know you might just get one and never hurts to ask. If they can offer a discount there maybe a package available at a reasonable rate that will suit your accommodation needs and give you something extra.

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