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Your Guide to Melbourne Cup 2016 at Flemington

horse racing participants during the melbourne cup competition

Things you need to know about the Melbourne Cup 

The first Tuesday in November is a special day in the Australian Sporting and Social Calendars. This day see the culmination of the Spring Horse Racing Carnival and the running of the million dollar Melbourne Cup. This is the race that shuts down a capital city for a day and stops the rest of the nation for 10 minutes. 

Set on Tuesday, November 1 at 3 pm,  this year's Melbourne Cup Carnival is expected to be the biggest yet. Popularly known to punters from all over the globe as the momentous and special day in Australian horse racing, watch as participants of the race fight  for an opportunity to claim some of the $6.2-million in prize money. The lucky winner will receive a whooping $3.6m.

The Melbourne Cup is dubbed as the race that stops a nation. It runs over 3,200 metres at Flemington Racecourse, with approximately 100,000 attendees every year.

The History

The first Melbourne Cups was run in 1861. A total of 17 horses ran and the winner was Archer. Archer's story has become the stuff of legend with claims that he was walked 800km to Melbourne from near Nowra on the cost of New South Wales, while other claims that he was shipped down to Victoria in a Steam Boat. Archer went on to win the 1862 Cup, beating the field of 20 home by 8 lengths.

Since then the cup has been run yearly to an ever growing crowd, presenting the Australian public with legends, heroes, misfits and magicians. Horses like Kingston Town, Peter Pan and Carbine have all succeeded in winning the Cup and the imaginations of a whole nation.

Phar Lap was the horse that captured the hearts of a nation during the great Depression in the early 1930's. The Red Terror as he was known around the tracks gave some hope to those who were struggling. Phar Lap competed in the race three times winning on his second attempt in 1930 but was severely penalised by his weight handicap in the following year and finished 8th. This horse still holds the record for the most weight carried by a runner in the race.

track horse horse racing at melbourne cup

The Event

Held at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne you can expect the day fashionable, fun and full of excitement. Once on track there are numerous ways to enjoy the day and to see the big race. 

Around the nation, majority of the people observe the culture and stop to bet on the race and watch this spectacular event on TV. It now has gained world focus too, as it brings the best stayers abroad.

The Fashion

The day is about the Horses but Fashion is at the forefront of the planning for the day. For many years it has been high on any Australian Fashionista's calendar. Each year the fashions on the field become more competitive and creative. The event isn't just for those who live and breathe fashion it's for everyday folks who like to dress up. 

Car Parks, Bird Cages and the Roses

This is a full day of entertainment and where you spend it is just as important as the event it's self.

Many punters pack the car and spend the day dressed up in the car park. This is a fun way to spend the day at the cup. Picnic tables and folding chairs, cold chicken and champagne and the characters. The car park also is a convenient mooring for small pleasure boats and yachts who share in the fun of the day from the water. No vision of the race is available in the car park and those who wish to watch the race do need to move into the track.

A day on the lawn with the roses is another way to spend the Cup seating isn't great and if you set up a spot on the lawn with a picnic blanket expect top share it with at least 40 people wanting to see the race. On the lawn you will see some of the strangest sights on the track. Crazy hats, gorilla suits and cartoon characters for miles. Perfect vantage spot for the race and great if you are in for a bit of fun.

Prefer to spend the day in lush surrounds a ticket to the Bird Cage is for you. Set up by some of the market leaders in the world you will be served the finest food and wine on offer while rubbing shoulders with celebrities from all over the world. Located in the centre of the track this area is some what protected from some of the rowdier crowd and is a brilliant location to watch the race.

You gotta be in it to win it

Every year Australian's fork out millions of dollars betting on their favourite horses in the Melbourne Cup. Sweeps are run in offices and one “crazy” punter will always put an incredible sum of money on one horse and the rest of Australia will bet on horses in the race because they like the name or the jockey is wearing a favourite colour. 

On the morning of the race everyone has become an expert in horse racing and breeding and tips fly thick and fast. So whether you are having a bet or just dropping a couple of dollars into a sweepstake be prepared to talk horse. 
Travel in Melbourne

This is an event that has an international spot light shone on it so if you are travelling interstate to attend there are a few things that I would recommend to ensure that your time at the Spring Carnival is a success.

Book Early

woman and dog in a car hire in melbourne

Of course,  there's nothing more frustrating then wanting to be somewhere, with no way of getting there! The Flemington Race Course will be calling your name and we, at VroomVroomVroom are more than happy to help you try and book a car to get there. Truly a spectacular spectacle that gives each and every racegoer the chance to experience an adventure they will remember for a long time, Flemington is viewed as the world's more glamorous playground.

VroomVroomVroom is your one stop shop for car hire in Melbourne. The car can provide an entertainment hub if spending the day in the car park but can also get you from hat shop to hairdressers in no time and will have you looking your best for the race. We understand that for some the day is more about the outfit. This is why it is important to have your rental car booked early so you don't stress on the day and have the time to make yourself look amazing!

With more and more people attending this event from all over Australia and the world, it gets booked out early. So make sure to book a hire car with us in advance. A flight to Melbourne Airport is best to be meet by a reliable rental car to provide you some freedom. 

With the running of the Melbourne Cup 2016, it would be advisable to book early so that you can be part of the biggest celebration yet. Note that ticket for the enclosures and marquees will sell out in record time so come prepared also.


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