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Top 10 Tips for Driving Safe in Melbourne

woman driving her car in melbourne

Melbourne, which is the state capital of Victoria, has been named as the world's most liveable city for the fifth year running in The Economist's annual survey. If you are a tourist or first-time traveller and are braving new roads to explore the city, you might want to check out our 10 helpful tips to give you an idea of the main freeways and roads you will be needing to take and avoid just to get you through the most liveable city.

driver showing his driving licence

1. In Australia, you are allowed to drive and can rent a car with any valid driver's license. Don't forget to carry your driving licence with you at all times.

2. Make sure to drive on the left hand side of the road in Australia.

3. Note that the speed limit in the central city roads is 40km per hour. While on major roads, speeds vary from 60 to 80km/hr, and rises to 110km/hr on country roads and highways.

4. Compulsory wearing of seatbelts by all drivers and passengers in cars must be observed at all times. Children and child safety restraints (or car seats) must also be attended.

5. Drunk driving is not tolerated. Police conduct random breath testing year-round and by law, drivers must not drive if their blood alcohol level is over 0.05, or 50 milligrams of alcohol in every 100 millilitres of blood. Keep in mind that this testing is common on Victorian roads. 

6. Using a hand-held mobile phone while driving is illegal. However, if you need to take or accept some calls, make sure to use a hands-free earpiece, or simply pull over to the side of the road so you can use your cell phone.

hook turn in melbourne

7. When driving in Melbourne, you will notice a lot of trams in the Central Business District (CBD), hence drivers must be aware of the several rules when driving that relate to trams. These include: giving way to a tram when it is moving into or crossing a roundabout, not overtaking a tram on the left, making sure to stop level with the rear of a tram stopped at a tram stop and driving to the left of a safety zone to avoid pedestrians. 

8. Make sure you know the “Hook Turn” rule for turning right when driving in Melbourne. This sign was implemented to identify that trams have a clear path past intersections, and this will be markedly spotted by an overhead sign at the intersection displaying the hook turn. 

9. While there are many parking meters in Melbourne and parking lots, drivers are advised not to park on the opposite side as you will incur a fine.

10. Renting a car in Melbourne is fast and easy. Through VroomVroomVroom, you can find, compare and book from a number of car hire locations in the city. We can also help you compare car rental deals in Melbourne Airport in case you are flying to the city. If you haven't already arranged your hire care, visit our Melbourne page.

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Jayson Paor is a Content Writer and car rental expert at VroomVroomVroom.com.au - The easiest way to rent a car!
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