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A Sunny and Sandy Day at Gold Coast!

couple enjoying sunbathing at the beach

Who doesn't love beaches? We sure do enjoy trips to the beach to enjoy the sunshine. We will never be too old to play in the sand and get our hands dirty. For this reason alone, we have created a list of must-visit beaches in the Gold Coast region. We wouldn't dare miss this chance, would we?

Gold Coast is famous for its spectacular coastline that stretches up to 57 kilometres. This is the reason why the region is the best destination for surfing enthusiasts. Because of Gold Coast's natural beauty, ideal location, and relaxed lifestyle, it is truly a unique place to work and live in.

So far, Gold Coast remains as a favorite tourist destination, which attracts around 12 million visitors every year. If you are one of the millions planning to visit Gold Coast this year, VroomVroomVroom suggests you visit the beaches we listed below.  We're sure that by the end of your trip, all you can say is: “There's no other place like Gold Coast!”

1. Surfers Paradise

With its breathtaking skyline and world-famous beach, Surfers Paradise is a magnet. This is definitely the best place to start your roadtrip. It's not just the beach that draws people; a big part of Surfers Paradise's fame is due to the emergence of thriving diverse restaurants, cafes, and nightlife.

Located just 30-minutes away from the airport, you wouldn't think twice into heading straight to Surfers Paradise to have a good look at the beach. Drive you rental car straight to Surfers Paradise for a beach volleyball game or a few hours of surfing lessons.

This 3-kilometre stretch of golden sand boasts of more than 120 market stalls and 14 shopping centres and arcades, so if you can't get enough of buying unique gifts to  yourself, visit each one of them. Who knows? Maybe you can find hidden gems somewhere. 24-hour dining options are also available in Surfers Paradise for your convenience. We're sure that you'll never go hungry.

2. Broadbeach

Quite popular as the home for “one of the most pristine beaches in the world”, Broadbeach is just 3.7 km (7 min drive) away from Surfers Paradise. It is strategically located near theme parks and golf courses.

You'll surely get the European feel as you walk across the streets with its village atmosphere. Choosing where to eat at Broadbeach is easy as it hosts multi award-winning restaurants and dashing coffee houses. Piano lounges and world-class nightclubs are a common sight in the area, as well as 24-hr bars, casinos, and lounges. Broadbeach is also family-friendly with its dazzling gala stage shows, aerial acrobatics, and musicians and entertainers roaming the streets. Did we mention that they have numerous free festivals all-year round?

Broadbeach is endearingly called a dining mecca for food lovers to create the perfect dream escape with all the best champagne salons, gourmet delis, bistros, and brasseries, and culinary creations available around.

3. Nobby Beach

Another 7-min drive from Broadbeach is the Nobby Beach, which boasts of an excellent value for money and comfort for travelers. Whether you are having a holiday with your family or with a group of friends, this area is perfect to enjoy a stroll in the esplanade or watch people surfing.

Since the Nobby Beach is located at the heart of Gold Coast, it is a convenient starting point when visiting exhilarating theme parks, restaurants and shops, and the treasured hinterlands of the region.

Nobby is also classified as an uncrowded beach so this is an ideal place for relaxation. Bonding with the family has never been so perfect since Nobby Beach has numerous picnic and BBQ areas. Experience a stunning sunrise on the beach or enjoy a breathtaking view of the coast with a stroll at the top of the cliff anytime of the day.

4. Burleigh Heads Beach

From Nobby Beach, Burleigh Heads Beach is a 6 km drive in a car rental. Popular as a surfing destination, it is widely known for its surf break. Burleigh Heads is a great hotspot to enjoy picnics and barbecues in the large, scenic parks overlooking the ocean. Compared to the other overly populated tourist attractions, Burleigh Heads is a great place to serve as an alternate stopover. The pleasant beach atmosphere is just one thing, what you shouldn't miss at Burleigh Heads Beach is the all-round swimming, surfing beaches, and best of all, the bodyboarding. You'll be lucky if you get to watch the Quicksilver Pro professional surf contest live at Burleigh Heads.

Another thing to look forward to in your visit to this area is the Norfolk Island Pines which would make an awesome backdrop for any snapshot taken. It includes some of the reputably earliest trees planted at the coast and the trees are home to Australia's native birds.

5. Duranbah Beach

Technically, Duranbah is not part of Gold Coast's “legal borders” but it is one of the best places to surf in the area. During the surfing season, the visitors swell up and tourist families who want to take a dip are advised to stay away. The beach is nothing close to ordinary but for a surfing enthusiast, Duranbah or “D-Bah” is heaven. It's all about the waves!

The area has plenty of space for those with short boards and the bodyboarders. If you haven't tried surfing or you want to learn, there's no other place to start than in Duranbah. We're sure that in no time, you will feel confident about your ability to surf.

If you're having this roadtrip with the family and would still want to find some amazing things to do, VroomVroomVroom recommends Point Danger. It overlooks Duranbah and further along you will be treated to an amazing view while walking in the daily sunshine.

otherwise, enjoy the eye candy that comes with these great Gold Coast Beaches 

Did we get it right? What other spectacular places should have we included in this roady? Share your thoughts below...


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