My Kangaroo Island Adventure PART 2

As we continued to travel across the island we could see just what a perfect environment this was. Due to its location and isolation it is one of the most pristine environments in Australia. The air has no smog and is cleaned by the winds of “the Straight”. Big business and mass tourism have left the island alone which makes for a rare experience. Its realxed and ready to explore wuthout being pushy.
We stopped in for another yummy meal at one of Kangaroo Island cafes for lunch and the proceeded to the seal colony to visit with the sea lions that live on the island. The island is home for both Australian Sea Lions and New Zealand Fur Seals and its best to come across these mammals in a tour environment.

At the end of the day the weather was turning bad so we headed home in time for the power to black out due to the worst wind to hit the island in 50 years. As we drove we saw the trees dance in the wind rather violently and all I could think was that the koalas better be hanging on.
Finally arriving home and placing the rental car safely undercover we headed in to find a spot in front of the heater. As we started to feel our frozen fingers again the power died.
So with the power being out the island was silent and dark and getting darker. Our little group was huddled into our cabin playing monopoly by candle light before the decision was made to head to the local pub that would have heat and light and food. The idea was shared with most residents on the island already taking shelter at the pub. So with a hot meal and few glasses of wine we sort out our cabin and as we dug out matches to light candles the power came back on. Hooray.

Our last day of exploring was kicked off with a trip to see the light houses. We headed to see Cape Willoughby which is the oldest lighthouse in South Australia. The lighthouse hosts tours daily and the view from the top is amazing with views that stretch out as far as you can see.
Our next stop was the Flinders Chase national park that is home to Cape De Couedic Light house, the Remarkable Rocks and the Admirals Arch two stunning rock formations and all the wildlife including echidna's. The park has a well stocked café and education area that will tell you about the islands early days. Keep your eyes peel for the grey geese that nest in the park they will give you a fright as they are well camouflaged in the nests they build on the ground. One almost knocked 20years of my life when she “honked” at me.
Our last stop for the island was to one of the many honey farms that are on the island. The ligurian bee colony on the island is the last pure colony in the world and the honey that is produced is truly stunning. We stopped into Clifford honey farm to learn more about this busy bee and taste some of the famous honey ice cream available. Clifford's also make cosmetics from the honey and the wax and these are also for sale during the tour. It has certainly made me look at the bee in a different way.

So as our last day of exploration draws to an end we head back to our cabin for the last night.


Heading back into Penneshaw to hand in the car before hopping on the ferry was a little sad we had enjoyed the quiet and beautiful island.
As we headed to the ferry looking over the water we saw a seal playing along the shore and in our minds the seal was there to say good bye and wish us a safe trip.


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