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Can I Take My Rental Car To Kangaroo Island?

Kangaroo Island

A delightful combination of protected national parks, small towns and iconic coastline, there are a lot of reasons to visit South Australia's Kangaroo Island. With most major attractions on the island connected by sealed road, it makes sense to explore the region with a rental car. There are some rules and restrictions that you should be aware of if you are planning on visiting the island.

Taking a Rental Car to Kangaroo Island

There are some car rental companies located on Kangaroo Island itself, meaning you can choose to arrive via plane or passenger ferry and pick up a car once you arrive. Some depots are located at the airport, while others are near the Ferry Terminal. Any vehicle rented on Kangaroo Island cannot be taken off the island.

Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz and Thrifty depots located on the mainland may allow their vehicles to be taken on the ferry to Kangaroo Island, but generally only with prior authorisation. Make sure you inform the car rental company that you intend on travelling to Kangaroo Island.

Travelling Around Kangaroo Island

Most of the major roads on Kangaroo Island are sealed, making it easy for you to get around in your rental car. Use the South Coast Road and the Playford Highway to explore the main sights of the island. If you are picking up your rental car from the airport, it is just a short drive along the Playford Highway to Kingscote.

Kangaroo Island Top 3

map pin iconFlinders Chase National Park: The scenery in this section of Kangaroo Island is beautiful. Visit the iconic Admiral's Arch or walk to the Remarkable Rocks at Kirkpatrick Point.
map pin iconSeal Bay: Get up close with the wildlife of Kangaroo Island. Seal Bay is not far from Kingscote, and a short walk along a boardwalk will introduce you to the local colony of sea lions.
map pin iconSample delicious food: Kangaroo Island is famous for its seafood, and you'll find plenty of restaurants on the island. At Penneshaw stop by the local Farmers Market.

Important Information:

To reach Kangaroo Island . . .

To visit Kangaroo Island, you can choose to fly or take the passenger ferry and pick up a rental car on the island. There are car rental depots at the airport and ferry terminal. Alternatively, some car rental companies will allow you to take their vehicles from the mainland with prior authorisation. The most convenient city to pick up a car is Adelaide.