How to spot a Dodgy Hotel

On paper its sounds great and so cheap. In reality it is awful. Unfortunately most people will have a dodgy hotel story… mine involves checking into a room where I had to share the bed…with bed bugs. It still makes my skin crawl to this day to the point that when staying in ANY hotel I strip the bed and check that I will not play “host” to the tiny bloodsuckers.
Here are a few simple steps to ensure you don't have your holiday or business trip ruined by dodgy operators.

Google Earth
Have a look at the area that the hotel is in. Click on the street view feature and move around the area if available. Google Earth doesn't lie. Another consideration is to look into what is happening around the hotel especially construction. It's not to say that the hotel is dodgy but there is a possibility of the site being noisy early. To check if the pictures are current Google Earth puts a date stamp in the middle of the screen at the bottom.

Ask a local
Most destinations have a Tourist Information Centre and I would suggest calling the one that is for your location and asking about the hotels in the area. A friend of mine will call the local pub and ask the Bar tender straight out about the hotel as he says “if you want the truth ask a bartender”

Ask the internet
This is where people now go to can or recommend nearly all products and services. Simply type the hotel name + reviews and see what comes up. Travel Pod & Trip Advisor are the most used sites and the reviews are very honest.
Looked up the Bed-Bug hotel I stayed in just as a matter of interest –seems they still have the same problem.

If it seems to be too good to be true is most likely is. Before parting with your money do some extra research as it may save you some pain (and scratching) later.

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