November Competition


ANSWER: 110 Miles (73037)

WINNER: Jessica Fabian

CONSOLATION WINNERS:  Ben Lewis, Trevor Brinkley, Heather Rees, Kathy Richards, Michael Burny


*All winners must email to claim their prizes.

Can you solve the riddle below to win?

For your chance to win the amazing new Kindle Fire tablet*, just solve the riddle below.

James Bond is driving his Aston Martin rental car through the hills when all of a sudden he starts hearing a beeping noise... It's a bomb!

Daniel Craig - Aston Martin

Bond looks down at the odometer and notices that it's reading 72927 miles (yes, miles... he's driving an old Aston). He realises it's a palindrome - the number is the same forwards as it is backwards (like the word "kayak" or "madam"). The only way to disarm the bomb is to reach the next palindromic number!!!

How far does Bond have to drive before his odometer reaches the next palindrome? Enter to the right ?


  • Congratulations to last month's winner Alan Beazley and our consolation prize winners!

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How far does Bond have to drive before his odometer reaches the next palindrome?

*Terms & Conditions

Major Prize is one Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon.

Major prize winner and consolation prize winners will be selected at random from succesful entries.

Entries close 12pm (AEST) on Monday 3rd December, 2012. Winners will be announced on this page.

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